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  1. Bastard. I mean, it would be good to have you around. We're all chatting in the Slack these days ( well the cool kids anyway ) so feel free to jump in and have a chat
  2. Ban the user above you.

    Banned because you've got a promotion.
  3. Haha, That position is taken up with enough people that don't do anything. Although Community Lead is basically going to be the second highest position
  4. Hi All, So recently it has been made blatantly obvious that I haven't been keeping an active and healthy dialog with the community about where the community is at and what we have in the works or what we have planned. For this I wholesomely apologies. To work towards sorting this out I would like to update everyone on the status of the things we are doing. Deathrun Well, I wouldn't have ever gotten out of this alive if this wasn't the first thing I mentioned. I am very sorry about the delays, miss communication and the lack of communication. So, where are we today with Deathrun? Well, I'm glad you asked! We have a lot of the mod done! we started from the original sources and worked our way up and have built the mod in a way that tries to mix the best parts of the PXG mod with the Best parts of the old Raid mod as well as throwing in a lot of new features and pretty things. Quick fire round: When will it be done? - I honestly don't know, I can't put a time on it. I'd like it to be finished by the end of the month... I want it to be done then but I don't know when it will be done due to @Matt.'s and my schedules. I can ensure you that we will be announcing it everywhere when it's done! Why is it not done yet! - Lives... Mainly. Lack of motivation partly, Personally issues, work, etc. Bla Bla boring. We started mid August 2017 and we have been working on it for a few months here and there. We have started working on again recently and thats why I think it's okay to say it might be done by the end of the month Does it have Lives - Yes, but only if you are a VIP or you earn them. Does it have cool stuff - Yes Are leaderboards and fastest times fixed - Yes Does it have RTD - No Can we see previews - No! Haha... I mean, You will see it when it's ready. How often will the mod be updated after Release? - Don't laugh but we are aiming to do a minor / bug fix / new small features update every month. As well as that we would like to do a major update every 6 months where we will take the feedback from the community and apply large scale fixes and changes. Ask more if you want to know more. Servers in General and everything else. As for most of the other servers, we've closed most of them down now. The only ones left are Deathrun and Promod as you can most likely guess. We've shut down the Eu servers semi permanently and we've shut down CJ and all other servers due to a lack of players and lack of time to manage the servers. As well as the players issue, at the time of closing them down we where also changing a lot of the way we run PXG to lower the monthly cost due the dip in donations. We are eggar to start some of the servers back up but we want to give the mods a clean up and get the server instances running cleanly before we do. As well as that needing to be done we will likely not start that work until we see an outcry for the other server I think we are going to keep it to the two for now. This allows us to focus on the Deathrun mod too :D As for everything else, here is a quick update, When it comes to anything regarding PXG, please bring it to me instead of Nick or Sharp. Nick has taken a back seat and is happy to continue being part of the community and will keep the lights on but other than that he has stepped down from the 'Doing stuff' role. He does still manage our servers though :P. Shap has a life and is pretty busy with work and playing other games so from what I understand, he'd be happier if you didn't contact him on a PXG Related thing. You can always contact me here on the forums via Pm's or in discord at MiKeY#3704 or if you are old you can use the emails ( mikey@pxg.me ). I'm happy to talk about what ever and any general question or hate you are welcome to send my way. If you have any suggestions then I do prefer for it to be posted on the forums so others can share their input too. Everything Else I'm working on the following things for PXG: Deathrun (duh), Map rotation picker, Leaderboards, Nicer theme, Better servers page, Nicer logo? I need help with this one, Better B3 ( Join commands, More logical permission set, More commands, Real Rank saving, more ), And lots of less interesting things. All of those things are being worked on but none of them have end dates other than the Map rotation picker which is aimed at being done with the Dr mod. I Hope this updates everyone. If you have more questions then simply post bellow and I'll be sure to answer them and update the topic to include them.
  5. Hi all, We've had some positions available within the community for a while so I'd like to offer them officially to everyone to see if we can start getting them filled. Please note you can apply for any or all of these positions but status and reputation in the community will be taken into account. You do not need to be an active part of the community for any developer roles but you will need to be able to work closely with the owners, myself and the Community Mangers. We are looking for Mappers We are looking for someone with good -> impressive ability with radient and the CoD4 engine and reasonable knowledge of how to make deathrun maps specifically. We are looking to have more than one person but one person will to do start with. You are not, NOT, required to have any scripting knowledge, all of the coding side of things can be dealt with either by me or someone else. If you want to do it then you're welcome to although you will need to learn our internal mapping api to produce high quality scripts. You will need to be able to create maps with clear themes and maps that play to the advantages of deathrun. You will needs to be able to work in a team and community with the mod developers directly. You will need to have a reasonable dedication to making maps and have a pretty good turn over rate. We're looking at a map a month but maybe longer. Youtubers / Video editors. I don't really know what the main role here would be. You would need to be able to edit videos with a consistant style and of reasonable quality. You will need to be able to handle all types of feedback and would need to understand your audience. Ideally this would be a group effort so let me know and we can continue from there. Screenshotters Really simple one but I need someone to come and help out with this one. I need screenshots of every DR map You'd need to be able to work with me Have a lot of patients A good ish computer for high res... Other things? contact me and we're talk more. Python Master We are looking for anyone with good -> impressive skills with Python to take on the B3 side of the servers. You will need to have an in-depth or at least reasonable amount of knowledge in Python as well as B3's internals. You will need to have good -> impressive skills with running and deploying b3 instances and will need good understanding of working with Linux servers. Specifically Debian and Ubuntu. You will need to have good communication skills and Slack installed. You will need to be able to work closely with the owners and be able to keep detailed logs of what has been changed and if applicable what systems have been changed to work with anything you might write for B3. You will need to be able to work with Git ( I am happy to teach you ) Asset Porter / Modeller We are looking for someone that has good -> impressive skills with Porting models, anims, sounds, etc. This is wholesomely a part time position. We only need assets some of the time but as we develop more mods I'm sure we can use the skills As with the rest, You will need good communication skills, Ability to work as a team, bla bla :P Skinner / Graphics Designer First and for most we are looking for someone with skills in the skinning department of CoD4. If you are good at creating skins and have evidence of this then you qualify. If you are more interested in being a Graphics Designer for the community then you will need a solid portfolio showing us what you can do and you You will need good communication skills, Ability to work as a team, bla bla :P GSC MASTER If you are impressive -> fucking god like then you are perfect for this position. You will need to be able to demonstrate your abilities to me and we will take it from there. Other than that, You will need To be able to work with Git ( I am happy to teach you ) You will need good communication skills, Ability to work as a team, bla bla :P You will need to be able to document your work and follow a common standard of code quality You will need to be able to deal with constructive criticism Others: We are also looking for any of the bellow but at the moment we don't need the position filled instantly. So if you know anyone or you are the someone then please get in contact. I'd love to talk. Experienced PHP Devs, Experienced Node Devs, Experienced GoLang Devs Experienced Frontend Devs If you are interested in any of the above then message me Via DM's or via any of my socials listed here: https://mikey.pro or you can email me at mikey@pxg.me. You do not have to fix the bill perfectly, this isn't a paid position, we are looking for help with any of the above and we'd be happy with anyone that is between the point of useful -> very helpful :D If you feel that there is other positions to fill and would like to offer help in other ways then please feel free to contact me regarding your feelings on the matter and we can take it from there. Note: You do not need to make an application topic. You can, but you do not have to. Just get in contact with me.
  6. Where is everyone!?

    Ugh, I can see we're not getting anywhere here. I personally don't believe I was solely the reason raid was run into the ground. I admit, I could have done more but, and yes, this one again, due to not being provided the full sources to the mods and not having the time and experience to become the sole developer of the mods I had to either find someone else ( which wasn't an option because there is no one. ) or I had to double down and find a better solution. For me the merge was the better solution. It turns out to have been a mistake; I won't say anything more on that in the public eye but thats where I stand on the decision. I agree that the communitcation was shit, I agree that it could have been better, I disagree with the way you stated your point of view but I mostly agreed with it. As for the power, I don't intend to get the amount of power I do in these communties ( also, it's been two communities I've had power in, Raid and this one, I wouldn't exactly call it a trend. ) I offer to help out. I don't over my full time or attention to them. I say "Sure I can do bits here and there where I'm needed". I try to shy away from the position where ever possible, I had owner on Raid but kept the Web Dev title for months purely so I wouldn't have to deal with people thinking I had a say in shit. My literal title on PXG at the moment is "Background Developer" because thats all I intended to be, someone in the background doing shit when it was needed. As for this, Find me someone that is able to do this and I will consider stepping down community side of things. I would keep on the running of things, servers, etc. And hand the control, power, and choice making to someone else. They can do what ever they want. When Troll was in control of Raid that was his Job, When Nick and Shap where doing things that was their jobs. To move the community and to manage the projects. I simply helped out when needed. I don't have much more to say. I am going to make possitive steps towards trying to reveive the community but I don't think by any means that it is solely down to the way pxg is run.
  7. Where is everyone!?

    I'd disagree personally. It was a failure at best, that I will agree with but it wasn't a take over. I wanted to keep working on both communities and having the extra hands really helped but in hindsight I might not have done it either so quickly or so agressivly. if I knew what I know now about servers and all of that crap then I would have been able to get raids montly cost to almost nothing and I would have just bared the cost. The raid community was dying as well and I know that was for many reasons. Let's not start that one. Agreed, although I do hold it that I've never put out a solid date, never made an official announcement and have never so much as previewed the mod. I originally had spent a few months ( on and off and only in my spare time. So more like a week or so ), before I had put it out to the community for help, working on the old sources and trying to fix the huge list of bugs and issues and fuck ups but it ended up easier to start again. Don't get me wrong, with the right people and more time I could have easily gotten this mod out in weeks. One man can't do everything. I spent months with Matt teaching him the ropes of source control, basic gsc, how the braxi mod was structured etc etc. Matt's been great because he was able to cover the area's I had no idea about. I don't have the patience for .menus and I hate working with assets and he's done a great job on them. I'd love to say that the mod will be done in a week but it won't. We're working hard but only when we have time and only when we aren't waiting on someone else. I've got systems left to make. I've got site features left to do. I've got cod4x patches to make but the list is going down and we're getting somewhere. That's all I can say. It'll be done soon. Seurously have I missed an announcement? No joke. I'm actually trying to remember now. Closest thing I can find is this. https://precisiongaming.me/topic/4649-woo-fk-yeah-things-have-been-upgraded/?do=findComment&comment=38280
  8. Where is everyone!?

    Hiding the literal spam. My original point stands. Stop being a prick. You're hardly a part of this community. You were against raid merging if memory serves. I don't see any other reason for you posting in here 'attacking' us ( don't get me wrong, I like calling the next guy a cunt as much as anyone else would. I've not been offended by this. It's just urked me that you felt you had the stance in the community to be the one voicing it in the mannor of which you did. Had it been written differently and presented better than sure, this may have been civil ) with almost no knowledge of the facts. You challenged our motivation, our dedication and our ability. None of those things needed to be done. I could have simply told you why the mod isn't done yet. I could have let you know the facts but at no point did you ask for them. Your comment was driven by some other factor and thats what drew me to comment the way I did. If you have any intrest in starting a conversation instead of an argument then you would have been asked a question. I agree. I also agree. Lets all go play Fortnite. Mods off guys. Shows over. To fortnite. The community is offically called PxF Precision Fortnite.
  9. Where is everyone!?

    Literally Can't upvote you more. Back in auguest I said that the mod is close to being done. I would have never said that it is done because I know as well as matt knows that at that point the mod was in it's baby stages. We have been "Just waiting on weapons" for a while now, Mist is pretty damn slow at what he does. If there is anyone else out there willing to do it then we'd happily except the help. "So yes me calling all 3 of you out on your shitty excuses and constantly delays on such a small project" - One, Mist is only working on guns. I'm only working on the scripts and I'm the current person holding the project back. Three, Small project my ass, we deleted the old fucked up mod. It was a mess that not even I could fix. It has been hacked and fucked around with so much that we had to start again. Partly due to yourself might I add. We have started from the ground up from Braxies code. I've personally been fixing, rewriting and extending the entire mods core code to allow better control on our end and better control for mappers if they choose to make a map for our mod. Upon this we've been working with sharp a few months ago with making a custom patch to achive half of the shit we wanted. So I wouldn't call this a small project. You have literally no idea on where the mod is at, why it's taken its time, or when it will be released. Sure, we said a time in conversation on when we would aim to get it out but we never once said an exact date because we knew we had lives. If you would care to be an adult about it then maybe contact me? start a topic and ask the questions there. Not just be a child and put a random comment in a topic mostly unreleated to this and start shit like a child. Until you actually know in's and out's you have no right to be throwing shit at us for no reason. We aren't being paid, we all have other things to do in our life. This takes the back seat in almost every situation. Hell, there are weeks I don't even vist the site. "prove me wrong like an adult" - The irony in this statement alone says enough. I admit, we've not been hugely open about the mod, but we also didn't want to excluate the amount of people pestering us about it. For every preview, update, or off comment we make just incresses the amount of people that want to see it finished and It takes time to reply to shit like this, it takes time to update people and tell people why it's not done yet. For every minute we are wasting explaining why something isn't done is just another minute we've lost of potential development time or potential minutes we could be spending getting other things out of the way. I'm done with this conversation because it's anything but productive. I'd welcome you or anyone else to open up a topic aimed at me and Matt and we'll do our best to reply and give updates but at this time we have busy lives. You have my socials ( https://aokmikey.me ) if you actually want to have a grown up conversation about the situation.
  10. Where is everyone!?

    I don't really have anything more too add other than Fuck off lossy. If you want to know any of the reason for why the mod isn't done yet, why don't you ask the questions instead of being a little prick?
  11. Where is everyone!?

    We can only hope, we're mostly waiting on myself and @ActuallyMist as it stands. I've had a busy week so I've not done all my stuff yet :P @Matt. Has been doing a great job with all the things the people will see, I just make it all work eventually haha.
  12. Where is everyone!?

    I still don't have owner, I need to get nick to sort that out haha
  13. Where is everyone!?

    Lol I'll delete these when the mods comes out muhahaha! Fuck you @atrX
  14. Where is everyone!?

    Whats so good about their mod :P
  15. Where is everyone!?

    I've been playing PUBG
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