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  1. COD 4 Crash On Startup

    You could contact the devs.... hahahahahahahahaha... I'm dying.
  2. COD 4 Crash On Startup

    Wanna give us some system info and also maybe... try the nocd.exe of cod4 and see if that fixes it... as weird as that sounds.
  3. Membership

  4. To be super clear about this. I also have work to do on the mod coding wise but it's only a small amount and the sort of thing I can do in an afternoon so it's mostly the weapons at the moment. Once the test server is up we'll be putting up a suggestions area so you can make suggestions to what should be changed or what should be improved etc. We've tried to focus on bring the best parts of the EU and NA mod into this new mod and I mean new mod. We forked Braxi's original code on github and have been working from that ever since. It's going to be very fun to see how all this plays out and to see what people think
  5. Woo, Sh*t's been dooone. We've upgraded our forums to IPB4.2 which comes with some awesome new things. I won't go into to much detail but if you want you can go here to find out more. We've now got our own Facebook official... I mean totally unique Reactions System which is cool AF. You can now show that you aren't just a 1 dimensional existence, you can now show all of your 2 dimensional emotions . If you guys post anything cool, then anyone with power that can be bothered to get off their a*s can Feature it which it totally... Okay? I think... well it's better than nothing! Clubs: We have clubs now. Not really sure on what they are used for or how they are good but you can find them under the Browse menu. You can make your own clubs ( like, micro communities or some sh*t. You can ask me and I'll enable it so you can have a private posting place and stuff ) if you so wish and if I feel like it doesn't seem too stupid then I'll approve it and you can invite all of bestest best friends and keep feeling like you have some kind of life... Wait... am I doing that thing where I talk about myself again... I mean, Yeah, Clubs are cool. Give me some suggestions and I can set a few Clubs up to see what we can use them for... Better than just keeping it turned off. Oh, We also have a new logo or something. I guess when I unfu*ked the theme the new logo just happened to become a thing. I'm playing with the concept but it's looking pretty tidy so far. If you hate it then say but please give me a reason and don't be a little bit*h... Oh, Deathrun mod... This year from what I've been told. Maybe within the next few weeks to the end of this month. Thats if everything goes right. We'll be bringing out a beta / test server just to make sure it doesn't set of fire or eat us alive so that should be fun. I'll keep you all posted. In the mean time. Enjoy bit*hing about how I've broken the site... PS: We're still getting IPB back to stable state so if you see things that are missing then ignore it. I can ensure you that It's on my list of things to fixed / update so it'll be working very soon(tm)
  6. so when the new mod be released? and it would be nice to keep some of the prestige guns

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. MiKeY


      Yeah. Although I want to make it from scratch. Just don't have the time. 


    3. Matt.


      Yes it's from the 1.2 sources, will feature everything currently in the Raid mod and more. Progress is happening quickly! I shouldn't be taking all the credit as MiKeY has been a massive help.

    4. Monos/Jxk


      so a few more weeks till new mod?


  7. Changes one thing = worst owner ever. My job is hard. I need more cookies. On the upside the new Dr mod is making progress. 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Soap


      Raids mod has no lives so you can re spawn pxg's does 

      Make the mod have lives!

    3. MiKeY
    4. REX


      you suck


      welp, cant edit my own comment for some reason so have an actual gif

  8. Community Feedback!

    This is something we can definitely outsource to our community managers and our community. If people are willing to put the time into events then we'll happily promote them as much as we can to help get them popular. Events are very hard for Myself and @Nick to do because we have time consuming lives. I'll talk to nick about them though and see what I hear back.
  9. Community Feedback!

    We're using a theme, it's not perfect and it very clearly needs work and if I had more time then cleaning up / making a new theme would be one of the things on the list to do. unfortunately the servers, new systems and everything else is higher priority. The theme / forum is something I definitely want to take a long look at. @Nick took them down because we weren't getting enough traction on them and they where being a pain in the ass to keep running, updated and working. From what I know this is one of the things we will be looking into starting up again.
  10. Community Feedback!

    Hello Everyone, Myself and @Nick have taken some time to work on a quick Feedback form for the community. For a while now we've been running blind and only slightly guided from what we can see going on in the community. We're hoping that we can start finding out what our community wants and what direction our community would like to see us heading in. We're also interested in any and all feedback you may have on our mods, on our site, and even on the EU servers ( yeah, they are still a thing :P ). We would be very grateful if you could take 5 minutes to have a look through our Feedback Form and fill it out as honestly as you can. We will hopefully be using the results from this Form to guide us in where our priorities lay and where we should be expanding our community to. Hope all that made sense, Heres a link to the Feedback Form: https://goo.gl/forms/KJm0XECLLi3nSglE2 Thank you for your continued support, Precision Gaming
  11. Rtv is so broken

    1. Seren


      Maybe telling him whats wrong might help...
      Instead of !RTV ending the map it ends the round. Which means once you get to the vote map screen the round will restart and the map wont have time to change.

      Also another issue is that for some reason when you use !RTV it will say a random name used rtv instead of your name.


  12. Send me a pm. You don't have to hit all the requirements. I'm just looking for someone competent. Hit me up and we can talk.