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  1. #How does one ban one self?

    1. Sharpienero


      Just stop coming to the server? It's easy.

    2. Razzy


      i was only kidding

  2. Leaving

    He Left Because glxy left lel
  3. Leaving Community.

    https://prntscr.com/695wqk https://prntscr.com/695wt5 https://prntscr.com/695www https://prntscr.com/695x0c https://prntscr.com/695x3t https://prntscr.com/695xac https://prntscr.com/695xce https://prntscr.com/695xel https://prntscr.com/695xh9 https://prntscr.com/695xjc Happy Now... Theres my proof that it isn't the current pxg mod u idiot
  4. Leaving Community.

    hawk i will screenshot every folder if u like.
  5. Leaving Community.

    Are u sure mook https://prntscr.com/692sma
  6. Leaving Community.

    Nope .. and Scrap the mod
  7. Leaving Community.

    No Mook im just pissed off with people taking the piss because im from UK Like grow up ffs
  8. Leaving Community.

    Hey i fell like i'm not wanted here so its my time to get out of the community and servers and Find a Different Community. P.S Rescues Fault.. Bye.
  9. [CSGO] Anyone interested in a 5v5 scrim?

    would but ping = 160 on us so cant
  10. [COD4] Teropock Application

    good luck.
  11. Voidix (ReApply)

    Cool Guy Chill in TS And BAE <3 and also Bad he didn't reapply just for the new mod
  12. Hello ( Not New. )

    Its Coming along good man