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  1. COD 4 Crash On Startup

    Try downloading a cracked version of CoD4, if that works then it's something with Steam, if not then I haven't got a clue but it would help define the situation
  2. COD 4 Crash On Startup

    Plug headphones in. Or install CoD4x. If you've done both of those then RIP.
  3. Pretty much everything has been completed (and has been for a while, not much else I can do), all the support for the menu files and code is all there. Just a simple case of adding the actual weapons to the mod. If I had all weapons available to me plus the stuff MiKeY is doing it'd be finished pretty quickly. Another quick thing to add, the weapons shouldn't take too long to be completed. We need quite a few weapons (you'll see why once the mod has been released). Our porter also ports things such as hats which will be another unlock-able feature if all goes well, this is also why it has taken him quite a long time.
  4. Just a little update about the mod from me, I appreciate the patience as I know people are waiting for the mod to come up. Currently waiting for the weapon porter to provide weapons so we can have a wide variety of selection within the mod, would rather not release the mod with crappy weapons from CFGFactory (There's also not that much variety within CFGFactory). No ETA as of yet, depends on our weapon porter.
  5. I got banned for no reason

  6. can you help me get unbanned from prg :(

  7. What song are you listening to?

    This songs drop is fucking lit
  8. Spent 4 hours on Rocket League today starting at Challenger Elite division 3, made it to division 4 on a winning streak of about 4 with @Sharpienero and then BANG. We lose with 10 minutes to go. I'm so sad, I wanted the rising star wheels! :sleepy:

    1. Soap


      so close lol i did to man cant even trade them it sucks

    2. Sharpienero


      Sick runescape song. Nostalgia! 

      Also, I'm gold III atm.

  9. Promotions and Acceptance

    Congratulations @joshua1822. You're a very special person! First accepted in 2017. May it be the first of many to be welcomed into the Official Member group.