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  1. ImJustBad's Admin Application

    Good luck, nice application ;)
  2. Referring to this specifically, I can start this once deathrun is released as deathrun is my priority right now however once it's released I'm happy to work with with you and help you produce a good mod for our promod playerbase; and hopefully make our promod server as popular as it once was.
  3. Promotions and Acceptance

    Congratulations on becoming a Community Manager @Pain.!
  4. Promotions and Acceptance

    Congratulations @Beatthat on becoming a Mod Developer. Welcome aboard hehe.
  5. HUD Feedback!

    The heart icon in the bottom right signifies when you have a life. For example, dark grey with no lives and green with a life.
  6. HUD Feedback!

    Thanks for the feedback however unless you can say what you don't like about it there's nothing I can change unfortunately. Try to think what's not 'clicking' for you and I'll try to do the best I can to meet the communities expectation. Also for the second point you added, this is currently being looked at and I'll add an update to this post if we decide to change anything.
  7. HUD Feedback!

    @MiKeY how would you feel about this? The reason it's that darker green is due to it matching the exact colour of the pXg logo however I'm quite happy to change it if that's what people would like :)
  8. HUD Feedback!

    1.) Health 2.) Some weapons have like 100 ammo in their clip therefore it needs to be that large to support weapons such as the RPD and LMG's. I'll make it slightly smaller however it won't be much of a difference. Also some weapons have bigger names (mainly melee weapons) such as 'Slash N' Burn' and some weapons such as 'MW3 Desert Eagle'. Forgot to say this, but thanks to everyone so far for all the feedback!
  9. Hello @Synd, I'd like to have a chat with you at some point if I can c: I'm not sure if I have you on Steam anymore but if not http://steamcommunity.com/id/cledi 

    Get back to me when you can! :)

  10. HUD Feedback!

    Hello everyone! I've unfortunately heard that people are unhappy with the layout of the HUD within the mod, therefore I'm making this post today to try and rectify what's wrong and make any necessary changes people would like! If you vote 'No' within the poll, please provide a reason as to why since this gives us the best information for us to make the necessary changes. If you vote 'Yes' no reply is necessary however if you have something to add don't feel discouraged to if you vote yes. Screenshot:
  11. Promotions and Acceptance

    Congratulations to @Viper3D on being promoted to a Community Manager!
  12. Where is everyone!?

    Response to @Lossy specifically: Let's just have a little debrief of all the events which has happened up until now.
  13. Where is everyone!?

    @Lossy You've held a childish grudge over me ever since I left Raid all that time ago. And also cut the crap with the power hungry shit, there's no power to have. Literally I'm doing this because I want to be apart of something which can get somewhere, its taken its time but even so, why the fuck do you care if you don't give a shit about cod4 anymore? Also referring back to the power hungry shit; I've not been promised anything except Mod Developer which currently has no more powers than any other user on the forum. I have no special rank in-game, there's literally no power for me to have. I post here when I see things being made about the mod, and since I'm involved I reply giving my best input on the situation. To be quite frank, I went months without making any updates to the mod because everything came to a halt with weapons, there's only so many on CFGFactory (most being shite) and we were promised x amount of weapons which weren't delivered. And why in the hell would you release an unreleased mod? Hardly professional, seems to me as if you're the lazy one if that's the way you go about things.
  14. Where is everyone!?

    Fair point, we're all (MiKey, I and Jamie) working on the mod actively now and that should entail that the mod releases very soon. I'm also getting increasingly more busy so if I say a date to you don't take it 100% as it depends on @ActuallyMist, @MiKeY and me. Let's just say it's not going to be long from now as it's just touching things up and testing.
  15. CrAzY?? Who?

    Aloha neighbourino
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