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  1. hi

    1. Karma


      hey cutie

    2. Synd


      miss u :(

    3. Karma


      miss u bro much love :sleepy:

  2. A competitive promod team for pXg could be beneficial. You could have a team leader (presumably z0mbie), and then Promod Members, and we could schedule things like wars (if those are still a thing). There could be separate groups on the forums for these positions as well. I was on the IceOps promod team for a long time and honestly it was some of the most fun I'd ever had on Cod4. You could open up an application system and have people apply for the team. Just an idea, but I think it would be awesome. FYI: I know we've talked about this at some point and I don't remember why we didn't do it.
  3. I've considered getting back into mapping on Cod4, just to see what I'm capable of on an older engine. My only decent map on Cod4 imo was Shipment, but if you want to take a look at some of my more recent work, feel free. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=898429003 (Black Ops 3: Elevation) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1171712833 (Black Ops 3: Portside)

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    2. Synd


      yeah I know, thats why it reminds me of zombies. Do you have zombie chronicles?

    3. Space


      On Xbox yeah. Me and one of my irl friends wanna do Easter eggs. I'm trying to get mork to get it so if you did we would have 4 people to fuck up those Easter eggs 

    4. jwofles
  5. Promotions and Acceptance

    Remember Nexii lmao I know you're not trying to blame me for your map breaking the server 5 times
  6. I think i accidentally used window cleaner as mouth wash.. the bottle had blue liquid with no label and it was in the bathroom but it was low key nasty af and had a terrible aftertaste 

    1. Anti


      Well, that's one way to get your teeth so clean that they reflect :P

    2. jwofles


      we didn't actually want to drink bleach mannn

  7. is that dashies dog in your avatar LOL

    1. siikdude


      It's my chihuahua lol

  8. Promotions and Acceptance

    Because I wanted to say congrats to jwofles. I don't want to be rude and forget anyone, now do I...? Alright I'm a dick im sorry
  9. Promotions and Acceptance

    Grats to @jwofles and whoever else got accepted dont really care tbh
  10. why does the new pokemon look so bad? Fixed camera angles, terrible character design, weird ass Hawaiian storyline.. that is unfortunate but I'll have to give it more than an hour to judge, maybe the camera angles will get better but right now you can barely see 2 feet around you.

    1. Rain
    2. Anti


      Last Pokemon game I enjoyed was Diamond back in 2006(?). Since then, haven't been too big a fan of the newer games. Haven't tried the remakes of Ruby/Saphire and Gold/Silver though, but they're still basically the original just with updated graphics along with slight modifications to the story. I've mainly been enjoying pokemon ROM hacks that have been adding their own personal stories and updating features alongside the official releases (Pokemon, items, mega evolution, etc...). Reborn and Light Platinum are my favorites so far 

    3. Synd


      I was a huge fan of the pokemon platinum story, and pokemon alpha sapphire and things like that for 3ds. That was actually the last one that I played before I sold my DS because it just wasnt worth having. I made a good choice because I can get one now for much cheaper than I sold it for, but I think this game may be a flop based on the demo and the one or so hour ive seen on it.

  11. I can speak for awhile about how much he had originally helped me when it came to first learning GSC. He was one of the main guys I went to when I needed help early on and he is probably even smarter now than he was back then about languages. Even though he isn't a community member, it doesn't really matter because he's familiar with a lot of people here(raid merge). I think it would be cool to give him a chance.
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