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  1. ImJustBad's Admin Application

    Good luck buddy!
  2. Promotions and Acceptance

    Grats @Pain. buddy, you deserve it!
  3. Ban the user above you.

    Banned for having a uncool gif as your avi unlike my amazing avi.
  4. here mate yer no even funny ye wantin a scrap ootside ma gaff here a love being scottish
  5. @Josh Ive not spoke to you in so long:worried:

    1. Josh


      I know dude it's been way too long :(

    2. Ryzo


      pm me sum time

    3. Josh


      ok <3

  6. Can a still be an admin when we become alive again :( Serious question @MiKeY
  7. Where is everyone!?

    yeah, I have been on there a few times :D
  8. Where is everyone!?

    Don't have a mic, no update, no as much time as I used to have, I actually leave my room now, miss you lot <3 @Josh <3 @LMK||MpGz <3 @Rain<3 where you guys at :( ohh and Jwofles wont let me tag you :(. Right sob story over.
  9. A just wanted to say hello:biggrin:

    1. Ryzo


      Damn no a single reply 

  10. Its my Birthday!:biggrin:

    1. Arc


      Happy birthday!! :)

    2. Anti


      Hope you enjoyed your special day, nub

    3. Ryzo


      Thanks guys! @Anti & @Arc

  11. @Blake I went a head and added a few, feel free to add them, Just suggested a few.

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