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  1. If you are into making Graphics, I made a Graphics Pack. 

    Available here - https://sellfy.com/p/ceNO/

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    2. atrX


      @Ryzo ACTUAL designers do (bar stock photos etc.). :happy: ACTUAL designers also don't need stupid third party "GFX packs".

      As a side-note, unless specifically stated otherwise, you're not allowed to sell stuff you didn't make. :dry:

    3. siikdude


      Did U make the art by scratch?

    4. Ryzo


      @atrX Okay I guess I am always always always always always always always always always fucking wrong.

      The whole point I put the pack together, is 1. For me to make a small bit of money, like most designers do. 2. My friends who design can use that items I use as I am aloud to use in a pack. I didn't just take any old items. Like I can never be fucking right.