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  1. @REX happy late birthday

  2. Woo, F**k yeah, Things have been upgraded!

    Change log accessible? What has actually changed
  3. Woo, F**k yeah, Things have been upgraded!

    So what your saying is that the mod is complete, but you're just waiting for more weapons?
  4. [Genre] Artist - Song

    This is an example post. Please follow the format above when posting here.
  5. What song are you listening to?

    Love this track.
  6. Community Feedback!

    pls stay on topic, no need to bash
  7. Community Feedback!

    You can hide signatures. I've done this a long time ago and it really does make browsing a much better experience. On a side note, I've filled out the form and am more than willing to contribute where I'm needed. I'm mostly busy with school work, but I would love to start programming in my free time rather than playing games - I started looking into Minecraft modding today and would love to start creating custom/exclusive features for a Minecraft server. It would be mutually beneficial to both me and the server, I think. After I get this mod working, I'm going to start working with source mod and try to get a solid understanding of that. Can't promise I'll have much free time, but I'll try to assist where I can.
  8. What song are you listening to?

    Go flex - post Malone
  9. Homework Help

    Then you can tokenize based on the operators (I.e split based off of those operators, then take derivatives that way).
  10. Homework Help

    I would've tokenized, then checked the PeMDAS operators. Just my personal input.
  11. Homework Help

    Tokenize the string, act on the functions independently, then combine.
  12. It kind of is dumb to try and prevent people from talking about this. If you prevent talking about it, you prevent people from being persuaded. Not that it really matters, there is a clear victor in the polls as of now.

    1. Josh



  14. Surf Server Information

    Are you typing connect surf.pxg.me (they might be down)
  15. Ask me anything for an honest reply. 

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    2. Soap


      @Synd Do it the guy whos trying to do it atm is nexus he says its not that hard u just have to change everything to lua but he has a few buddies helping out atm thats all i know and if you do good luck

    3. big pp head lol!

      big pp head lol!

      Is there any plan for a new mod for deathrun that is easier to understand or it is organized better?

    4. Sharpienero


      @Vorta unfortunately there are no such plans as of right now. Unless a new developer steps up, I'm not sure there will be one anytime soon. Nick is busy with his senior year and I am about to start college. Lossy is MIA and busy with life.

  16. What song are you listening to?

    This is kind of cheating, but this is what I am listening to.
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