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  1. Positions Available, Updated Mappers wanted!

    Love you too, son.
  2. Positions Available, Updated Mappers wanted!

    I wouldn't promise that. Would be unfair to break that promise. ):
  3. Positions Available, Updated Mappers wanted!

    Greetings, you fucking cucks! I'd be down to tickle my pickle and help out where I can. I am a PROFESSIONAL working in INDUSTRY now a days and know more than any of your fools. Okay, all non-joking joking aside, I would be down to assist in any way possible. Okay, not any way. I am not down to help MiKey with C stuff. But I can actually be a productive manager/owner/whatever when I want to be. I could probably help straighten things out around here, maybe.
  4. Happy Birthday Sharp Luv Ya :star:

    1. Sharpienero
    2. ImJustBad


      No Problem anything for my babe.

  5. Happy birthday Mook

  6. @REX happy late birthday

  7. Woo, F**k yeah, Things have been upgraded!

    Change log accessible? What has actually changed
  8. Woo, F**k yeah, Things have been upgraded!

    So what your saying is that the mod is complete, but you're just waiting for more weapons?
  9. [Genre] Artist - Song

    This is an example post. Please follow the format above when posting here.
  10. you a owner now or what fam

    1. Soap


      Nick forced him to come out of retirement to avoid answering a question so yes.

    2. Sharpienero
    3. Synd
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