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  1. Happy late birthday

  2. Application's Reptile

    you're a faggot
  3. [CSGO] Anyone interested in a 5v5 scrim?

    im not very good at csgo so idk if i want to play :////
  4. Inactivity

    cya l8r
  5. Ewwww

  6. Awake's application.

    Which server(s) do you usually play in? Also, if you want any shot at joining the clan, be sure to get yourself a mic if you don't have one and hop in teamspeak. We'd love to hear from you in there. Teamspeak IP: pxg.me
  7. Testing out bf hardline

    Recycled bf4 with new vehicle models
  8. Dat SURF Secret Room

    i'll rek u at serf m8
  9. Going To Panama

    Damn that's pretty sweet Zach. If you can, take some photos while you're there, and keep us updated! Have fun, and see ya' when ya' get back.
  10. Wilson<3 's Application

    Nice application, looking pretty good so far. If you can, we'd like to see our potential members interact with the rest of the team in our teamspeak sever before fully processing their application. So whenever you're free, or remember to do so, just come get to know us in the teamspeak and hangout for a while.
  11. 2 Many mobs

    Not saying that any of us are going to enforce it or not, but I think we should calm down on the useless posts such as these.
  12. Skreptic [Application]*FULL

    I don't think we should be making a bad reputation for our clan by advertising in other clan's servers. We understand that you want to help, but I don't think that these forms of advertising are really necessary, nor beneficial.
  13. Black Jesus' Application

    Nick banned tweek for killing Emerson, not Black Yeezus.
  14. Skreptic [Application]*FULL

    No. I've never even seen you in teamspeak before. I suggest you do that and familiarize yourself with the team if you want any chance at joining.
  15. nipples!

    Yeah man it's about time you came back, and I don't think a new app will be necessary.