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  1. (maybe) thats not promising
  2. Promotions and Acceptance

    nice on manager @Pain. :D
  3. Updates to do with Deathrun and Other stuff

    ?? What lmao
  4. Promotions and Acceptance

    yep seemed a bit salty earlier tho huh its k tho ily
  5. Promotions and Acceptance

    ty <3 to @Josh and @Blake aswell
  6. Ban the user above you.

    banned for having a pink role you gurl
  7. tbh i have like 10 dollars donated, but it says 0 ya know lmao
  8. i would do the graphic design but i dont know how to draw on pc programs ;/ but i could also do community lead, you know ive been here since 2015 anyway and am still not 80, cough like josh and blake, cough i was here like some months b4 them im pretty active now that i actually have time on my hands so yeah if you wanna know more pm me @MiKeY or msg me in discord name is just stormz on discord
  9. Hey I'm nick2

    this server is dead, they probably wont respond because they're inactive and no longer visit the fourms atleast most of them
  10. Ban the user above you.

    banned because your right
  11. CrAzY?? Who?

    pretty sure i remember named CrAzy idk tho
  12. Ban the user above you.

    banned because ive been here since 2015 and am not 80 yet like josh and and blake idk what you have to do with that soapy i just wanted to say that
  13. Ban the user above you.

    banned because you dont understand that he dosent think ur black
  14. Ban the user above you.

    bannned soap for not dropping the new mod yet
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