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    why the fuck do u wanna know, stalker
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  1. Ban the user above you.

    bannned soap for not dropping the new mod yet
  2. ImJustBad's Member Application

    oh shit i forgot about his youtube, its something like that but yeahs. shit after all these years we found each other again dope
  3. ImJustBad's Member Application

    wait bro trevor? didint we use to paly cod ghost like years ago or was that a different trevor .--.
  4. just give me back admin u squares

    aight im not really being serious :P thats because i quit b4 u even stated probably.
  5. just give me back admin u squares

    mhm sure its ok i still love u
  6. im honestly not about to sit here and fill it out all again i just want admin back so i can stop being abused by the fuckers cough @SoapMMMMM @Seren
  7. Where is everyone!?

    tbh i like RvS mod alot but u know they reset there damn servers like 200000 times and now they arent even a thing anymore
  8. Where is everyone!?

    tbh i quit because League of lesbians got me addicted ended up getting to D1 beside that i quit because that shit is aids, and i play fortnite and pubg now and other party games with friends
  9. Where is everyone!?

    i want super mario 64 back on the first OG DS but where the hell can you find those anymore so how do i put in effort to get it if they dont even get made anymore im sure like no one on this planet even has a working one anymore.
  10. Where is everyone!?

    tbh it just seems like the game died out other games is what took me away from it i mean school to kinda after homework and shit i always got hours to play vid games
  11. What song are you listening to?

  12. Promotions and Acceptance

    thank youu