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  1. Drama's App

    Probably not going to get accepted...
  2. Mlg Pokemon

    I'm Spooked
  3. Hate @ Rehab?

    I would want one, but u dont have to.
  4. Leaving the clan

    Bruh, I hope to see get on still.
  5. temporarily out of commision

    Hopefully you will get better connection than you had before. Hope you get wifi soon.
  6. Hey guys!

    Hi Bryan hope to see you in game. I hope you enjoy your stay at Precision Gaming.
  7. New profile picture. I feel it represent me better.

    1. gammageo
    2. Space


      You have nice eyes

    3. ImJustOk


      thanks it compliments my hair :3

  8. Application

    Gud luck on your application.
  9. Stylin's Second Application

    Too many 's! Jk Good luck.
  10. 2490 hours in TF2. I don't even know what to say.

    1. Space
    2. Sharpienero
    3. Peter


      I have 5000+ in cod4, be proud of yourself :D

  11. [COD4] Conquest's Application

    he has google fiber.
  12. Forsworn's Application <3

    he is cool and is very friendly. +1
  13. Real Name: Orlando Campos Gaming Alias: ImJustOk Gender: Male Age: 15 Steam: ImJustOk Skype: Mr. ImJustOk B3 ID (type !regtest in game): @863 Servers Played: pXg-Raid-Rvs How long have you been around the server for?: Since 12/07/13 How often are you on?: A lot but I have school, I play everyday. I play at least 2 hours or more. Why do you feel you would be a good member of pXg?: I know all the rules I am on the server a lot(no life) and I am nice to everyone. I would only use commands when necessary. Additional Information: I do not have any bans or kicks.
  14. Drops-PL Application

  15. deathrun member application.

    Ingame Name: ImJustOk Real Name: Orlando Gender: Male Age: 14 Xfire: ImJustOk Skype: Mr. ImJustOk Steam: ImJustOk B3 ID in DR(do !regtest to get this): @0 How long have you been around server for?: 2-3 months How often do you play?: Daily, at least a couple hours. But on the weekends I play almost all day. Why do you feel you would be a good member of our clan?: I Respect all the rules and players(except for imjustPro XD), a very active player, would enforce the rules when needed, and Ok at the game(as the name suggests). Additional information: I have no bans or kicks. Never broken rules. I know a lot of admins and player's on pXg (mostly players). I was also VIP for a month. I have got a new computer in December. And yes this is my second time applying. If i am not what your looking for leave a comment y please TY #TMMM.
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