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  1. Oof, semi ran a red light and hit @Mr"."Coolgamerr7


  2. Like to die instantly.

  3. To anyone that has the US variants of the Samsung S8 and S8+ and wishes to root their device root has been achieved.  https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s8+/development/root-g955u-g955u1-snapdragon-sampwnd-t3658911

  4. I appologize for my inactivity recently, i just haven't had much free time the last few days, ill try to be more active. :biggrin:


    1. Soap


      hes pretty fun

    2. Space


      Too bad overwatch is trash

    3. Soap


      to bad cops will all be lynched by the hands of gawd

  6. How kind, had a party today and someone locked our garage door from the inside so I had to cut the fucking handle off to get in. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Arc
    3. HawkSlayerr


      Was stroder invited?


    4. Arc


      No, last time I invited stroder to a party he fucked my dog. @HawkSlayerr

  7. Finals are Thursday and Friday, wish me luck.

    1. Anti


      Hopefully you do well mate 

    2. Karma


      Good luck! You'll come out of it thinking they were easy.

  8. Just got internet at the new place, still waiting on the parts for my computer, so I'm going to be inactive for a little while more, will keep you guys updated.

    1. Anti


      Hopefully everything is going well and your parts are sorted out soon, nubzor


    2. Ryzo


      Hope to see you back soon Arc!

  9. Hmm...


    1. Soap
    2. Anti


      Releasing member and admin information to the public, pls ban 

  10. Who's ready for the draft into WWIII?

    1. Vise


      Fuck off, jk jk I love you. 

    2. Anti


      We'd only need three nukes to win WW3 with Trump's master strategic placement 

      First one on the Kremlin to take out communism at the heart

      Second on Syria (Preferably not an empty airbase)

      Third on Tokyo to remind them who is in charge 

  11. Good morning my dudes.

  12. Promotions and Acceptance

    Congrats @Scruffy c:
  13. Happy birthday, if you still get on here.

    1. Vise


      Yes i still get on here lol thanks!

  14. Orisa is stupid thicc :weary:

    1. Anti


      Smh acting as if bastion wasn't here the whole time ??



  15. This hotel room smells like piss.

    1. Soap
    2. Karma


      Check under the matress, could be a dead body.

  16. Hell yeah, influenza

  17. Let's play a game; Someone will say a voice line from overwatch and you have to guess what hero it is. (Can't be something more than one hero says)

    ill start: "Just in time."

  18. I feel like I've seen your profile picture before, but I'm not sure where I've seen it. 

    1. siikdude


      I feel like I've seen your profile picture before, but I'm not sure where I've seen it.

    2. Sharpienero


      I feel like I've seen your profile picture before, but I'm not sure where I've seen it.

    3. West


      I feel like I've seen your profile picture before, but I'm not sure where I've seen it.

  19. Community Feedback!

    I think he should be focusing most of our efforts towards working on new servers. Also, what happened to our CS:GO servers?
  20. Traps are no good

    1. REX


      Traps are the future © @z0mbie

    2. z0mbie
    3. Arc


      Who the fuck edited my post

  21. The fact that you still have your Christmas profile picture triggers me.

    1. Soap


      thanks for reminding me

    2. Arc


      That's better 

  22. Guys, I have to confess something... I'm actually Snackeyes in disguise.

    1. Space


      Show proof, what kind of brick do you use 

    2. GLXY


      go drive off a cliff because you can you know

    3. dolan rodstick.

      dolan rodstick.

      How can you stab your mom with a crack pipe and kill your entire family and not feel anything


  23. Should I buy overwatch?

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    2. Arc


      @Space Who are you even talking to?

    3. Space


      Someone who deleted his post to make it look like he didn't get baited


    4. GLXY


      play zenyatta to dps/heal/support at the SAME DAMN TIME

  24. Nice profile picture?

    1. Xer



      A booi at my school was doing a survey and he put that lol

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