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  1. Hello guys! My first post, so sorry if you get a feeling that I'm some kind of a noobie.

    I would like to ask you guys if a computer with specs: amd fx-8350 4.4 GHz (eightcore), GTX STRIX 1060 6GB, 8GB Kingston 2133 MHz RAM should run CoD4 with 250 lock frames per second(FPS)?

    Because I'm getting drops all the way to 200 on some spots, and it doesn't change when I change settings on full-low or full-high.

    My Graphic Drivers are up to date, I'm running Windows 10(Maybe that's the problem, I don't know).


    Thank you :)

  2. happy birthday

  3. Your a legend dude, keep up the good videos.

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    2. VayRum


      alright cool cool just wanted to see a professional do it so i can replicate it,but anyways when is that video comin out? cause i watch ur videos all the time


      alright thats me thanxz for the tips and tricks i have more question but i will ask u that when u dont have alot on ur plate cya bro and keep up the good work :D (videos too)


    3. Krispy


      Thank you :D and the video will hopefully be out in 3 days or less

    4. VayRum


      kk cool i actually have not subbed to u lel.

      oh nouice 2k video the editing was on point the video was legit (actually it still is legit) XD