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  1. Soap is broke

    just fukin buy one u bitcH! :( jk fuck u actually
  2. New mod happening?

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    2. Soap
    3. Space


      Think it's kind of an asshole thing to basically take credit away from someone who is spending a large amount of time to please people who aren't even thankful. He doesn't have to do this and shouldn't have to "prove" he is spending his time for you. Just relax and be patient. It'll be done when it's done.

    4. Soap


      no? go away.

  3. I wish scene girls were still a thing

    1. Space


      I wanna fuck me a green haired one

    2. gazaking
  4. Veteran Member u big boy now

  5. Promotions and Acceptance

    Congrats on trial @mostic!
  6. Promotions and Acceptance

    Gratz @LMK||MpGz on 60! You deserve it man!

  8. Happy birthday, here's a present 


  9. Excited to get the new dr mod tomorrow! 

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    2. Soap


      Good job @MiKeY and @Lossy Proud of you guys for coming together to give the players what they need.

    3. Karma


      Oh my god does this mean my precious level that I spent years trying to get will be gone forever :ooooooo

      this'll be cool

    4. GLXY


      my body is READY

      probably gonna end up playing wow anyways XDDDDDDDDD

  10. I think they should stay as it does take a good amount skill and not anyone can do it.
  11. Really like your profile picture, haven't seen anything like that before. 

  12. Promotions and Acceptance

    I would like to thank my mom and dad (aka @Soapand @emerpuss) for telling me to apply for both member and admin in the first place and being cool dudes. I'm very excited to be apart of the staff team for such an amazing community. Thank you all. :)
  13. Promotions and Acceptance

    @ValiantWingsGratz my dud
  14. Promotions and Acceptance

    Sad to see so many people go.
  15. Yo I'm so hyped to play dr on this 


  16. Does the person really have to be official member? I think we'd have a better chance of finding someone that fits the job that isn't official.
  17. Come at me @WarZone


    1. WarZone


      time to get 18.5 again i dont know what happened to my record but you about to get fucked


      don't make me do this to you again 

    2. Anti


      Family and friends, we're here today to pay our respects (Remember to spam F) to Seren's untimely demise. He was taken from us too soon when WarZone absolutely blasted him into the atmosphere. For obvious reasons it won't be an open casket. Please keep him in your memories :sleepy:

    3. Seren
  18. Berry, Rip @Soap@emerpuss @ValiantWings


    1. Soap


      It only breaks when u play it smh

    2. Seren


      Now that i think about it, that honestly is very true. Strange..

    3. emerpuss


      lmfaooooo i hate u

  19. @soap and whoever didn't believe me 


  20. Anyone wanna come over and smoke some beers on Halloween?

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    2. Seren


      Hell yeah, my address is 444 (Insert meme here) lane

    3. Soap


      on my way broham


    4. Ryzo


      Ill be there in 5