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  1. New mod happening?

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    2. Matt.


      I don't work by myself on this remember, I don't have a deadline and I was never told there was a rush to put the mod up (This means if MiKeY wanted something done, then he'd need to send me a design and specifically what he wants to happen.) If MiKeY is cool with me putting up screenshots about the mod, gaining feedback from the community as well then I'll do it, I can't just make that sort of decision myself.

    3. Karma


      Post screenshots, until then I can't help but think you've done almost nothing on the mod.

    4. Matt.


      Main menu (not complete) - https://gyazo.com/e4b88f481667e03c1974e1940cab45fb

      Customize Character (not complete, very close though) - https://gyazo.com/b51c71a418a21b9a704d38f51ac9420e

      HUD - https://gyazo.com/f3df3be13af2e2a804de13cf6d611d38

      Help (Ignore the prestige & rank buttons) https://gyazo.com/056b57ddbf8a08f322035e25d1097c40

      Characters Menu (Same concept for all of the other customization menus so I'll only show this) - https://gyazo.com/4bf80672428ee69c664d4ee60199ad36 Also just to mention, once unlocked it will show the information about the weapon with a preview image to do with it, and locked won't show anything.

      Added 80 levels with 8 prestiges and corresponding icons

      Added ghostrun with the feature to save position and load position (Cannot be bothered to even try to get a screenshot/gif for that).

      Added viewhands which change instantly when selected

      Added prestige unlocks as well as all the weapons to be unlocked.

      Changed the iPrintLnBold + iPrintLn size so it's not so intrusive.

      A lot of it has been completed, it's just a few things such as the main menu buttons (when you exit the mod/launch the mod). MiKeY also has a few things he wants to do himself.

      Things which need to be done is simply adding shit, most of it as I said is already done. Abilties may or may not be added, will need to ask MiKeY about that.

      I'm going to continue to work on the mod once I've finished my exams, the 16th.

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