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    Precision Gaming Hand Guide [OUTDATED]

    By Sharpienero,

    Precision Gaming Handguide

    I've created this guide to show proper administrator etiquette. I've found myself majorly unhappy with how the administrators have been handling themselves, so I've decided to make this guide to try to remedy the issue at hand. This is going to be publicly available so that the players also know their rights and can dispute any punishment properly. With this being said - Not all of the rules are set in stone; and the punishment CAN vary based on several factors. 

    This guide is going to be broken down into a few sections:

    1. Rules
    2. Warning
    3. Banning
    4. Moderators/Trial Members(20)
    5. Administrators (40)
    6. Full Administrators (60)
    7. Senior Admin (80)
    8. Owners/Super Administrators (100)
    9. Internal Conflicts
    10. Promotion Policy
    11. Rank hacking
    12. VAC Bans/Bans in general

    Section 1: Rules

    There are a few different type of rules that must be followed in order to ensure an orderly community and enjoyable game experience:

    1. General/common sense rules: (Failure to comply with these rules will be met with a warn unless otherwise stated)
      1. Respect (not an actual rule in deathrun): Be respectful of everyone. Just follow the 'golden rule': Treat others how you wish to be treated. This rule includes (but is not limited to) racism, sexism, and any other type of discrimination. We want all of the community to feel welcomed on our servers. Slight trash talk and joking around is fine. I've seen too many people get banned for saying something so minimal. If you can't handle a light flame, turn off chat.
      2. Cheating: This is just common sense. Don't cheat. If you think it may give you any sort of unfair advantage, it's probably cheating. This will be met with a perm-ban in which you can appeal here: https://pxg.me/forum/7-bans/
      3. Begging to be a part of the clan/staff: Don't beg. Nobody wants to hear you begging, and the more someone begs, the more you're less likely to become a part of the clan/staff. If you're seriously interested, you can apply here: https://pxg.me/forum/13-applications/
      4. Don't be an asshat: Consider this another 'golden rule'. Just don't be annoying! Nobody in the clan wishes to hear you blow into your microphone, or have to deal with your server. We're providing a free server for you to play on, and it is simply stupid for you to want to destroy it. So please, just don't be an asshat. (:
    2. Deathrun-specific rules (Failure to comply with these rules will be met with a warn unless otherwise stated)
      1. Please note that these rules can be found in game by typing !rules!
        1. No abusive language: See section 1.1.1 (General/common sense rules - respect)
        2. Advertising/recruiting: Come on, this is just stupid. If you come into our server and try to flaunt your clan/server around, you're going to be warned! Isn't that somewhat simple to understand? Don't do this!
        3. Spamming: Ah, the good old spam. It's kind of easy when the game allows you to make binds. In all seriousness, though, don't spam your bind more than three (3) times. Anything past that, and it's considered spam in our eyes.
        4. Stalling: Don't stall. Nobody in the game wants to watch you fail the same bounce 50 times in a row, or run around in circles in the spawn. If you think you're holding up the same, please b42.
        5. No scroll/macro to kill the activator: Just don't do it. It's an unfair advantage and if our administrators and moderators believe that you're scrolling, they're going to warn you accordingly. Even if you say that "I'm just fast at clicking!!!", you're still probably going to get warned. Nobody needs to empty 7 shots in .2 seconds.
        6. No suicide/leaving as activator: You're the activator. Just do your duty and activate if you think it's a waste of time. This includes the end rooms. Don't suicide in the end-rooms. You won't be warned if it's an obvious accident.
        7. No wall-banging: Why? Why on Earth would you do this? Greed for xp? You're ruining the round/game for everyone else in the lobby. Don't take advantage of a glitch in the map.
      2. Deathrun VIP Rules:
        1. You are only allowed to give yourself a gun in 'old'! This is for both activators and runners.
        2. Don't think you're better than anyone else because you helped support the server. You're not immune from any of the rules posted here.
    3. Teamspeak rules:
      1. Again, these of kind of common sense..
        1. Don't be obnoxious.
        2. Don't advertise.
        3. Don't spam anything.
        4. Keep your avatars appropriate.
        5. Don't be sketchy.
        6. Don't be malicious.

    Section 2: Warning

    This is more for the staff of precision gaming; but it's here so that the players know the protocol too. When you go to warn someone, please make sure that your warn is actually legitimate. Starting from this point on, players can request proof that they were breaking a rule. Fortunately for us, every written line is deathrun is saved to a database. However, for rules such as macro/suicide as activator/wallbanging; admins and moderators are now required to screenshot for proof. They can also record a video for even better proof. 

    Section 3: Banning

    Again; for admins more than players - but the same applies as warning. Any BAN must be recorded and or screenshot. You're expected to hold onto the screenshot and video in case the person appeals the ban. I recommend zipping the proof with a text file and uploading it to a dropbox (or other cloud service). Bans must now be approved by either a 60 or an 80. Failure to get approval to ban will result in an automatic demotion and an 80 will decide whether to bar you from the clan.

    Section 4: Moderators/Trial Administrators

    You can apply to become a trial admin here: https://pxg.me/forum/13-applications/

    You are on trial. You are to act professionally and try your best to earn keep as a part of precision gaming. Breaking any rules during your trial period (which is 4 weeks/month) will result in an immediate suspension (or denial depending on the severity) of your trial administrator period.

    1. What is expected of you:
      1. Maturity
      2. Friendliness
      3. Professionalism
      4. Activeness on the website, teamspeak and in game
      5. Seriousness
      6. Trouble shooting ability
      7. Understanding of the chain of command

    If you have any questions about your responsibilities, please ask an administrator to explain them to you. Don't be too embarrassed to ask a question! I would rather you understand something rather than to be too confused to do anything productive for the server.

    You can find your new commands by using the command !help in game. It will list the available commands for your rank. If you have more questions regarding a specific command, you can also use !h or ask a higher administrator to explain it to you.

    Section 5: Administrators

    You are no longer on trial! Yay. That also means you have a few more responsibilities and powers. 

    1. What is expected of you:
      1. Responsibilities from section 4.1.1
      2. Keeping trial administrators in their position. Reporting things they do wrong to a 60.
      3. Helping out new trial administrators
      4. A better understanding of the commands, b3, and ability to administrate the server 

    This is where most pxg members will end up. It takes a lot more dedication, time, and seriousness to be promoted from 40. There are a lot of factors that go into being promoted, which can be seen in section 10.

    If you have any questions regarding your new powers, please ask a peer or a higher administrator. 

    Section 6: Full Administrators

    You've been promoted to a full administrator? Good job on showing that you're fully grasping what it means to be a administrator and team player here at precision gaming. You have a lot of new commands as well as a lot of responsibilities:

    1. What is expected of you:
      1. Responsibilities from section 5.1.1
      2. Reporting issues to higher administrators
      3. Handling more advanced tasks
      4. Keeping players and administrators informed on certain policy changes
      5. Handling internal conflicts (See internal conflicts section)
      6. Promoting and demoting players
      7. Banning players

    The next step for you would be a Senior administrator. Not many people at all will ever make it past level 60. If you prove your worth and follow your guidelines, you might be put into the queue for 80, though. Anything can happen.

    Section 7: Senior Administrators (80)

    1. What is expected of you:
      1. Responsibilities from section 6.1.1
      2. Reporting issues to higher administrators
      3. Handling applications and donations
      4. Keeping track of who has power and how active they are

    Senior administrators have climbed the rank and proven that they have a strong knack for being in a position of power. They know what to do when the right situation calls, and act upon their instincts. They have the most responsibilities out of all of the administrators and are to be respected as such. 

    Section 8: Owners/Super Administrators (100)

    Nick and I have the ultimate say in all matters and are the only owners. If you're unsure of something, please don't ask Nick or I directly. Ask an admin who is one level above you (i.e 20s ask 40s, 40s ask 60s, so on.) Nick and I are not baby sitters and we don't want to deal with your petty problems. (:

    Section 9: Internal Conflicts

    All internal conflict will be dealt with in PRIVATE. Any two members who are fighting in the server will both be demoted. If you really need to scream at someone, do it in teamspeak. The best solution is to simply ignore the member who you don't get along with. Ideally, you will get along with everyone. But we can't always have to ideal case. Keep it private or don't say anything at all. Act professional. 

    Section 10: Promotion Policy

    Promotions are something that seem to get everyone salty here. I get PMs frequently about things like "Why did HE get promoted?! I'm such a better candidate!" or "You promoted him because he's your friend!" type things. Let me just say that those PMs are some of the most infuriating things. There are several things that can lead you from being overlooked for promotion: These are, but not limited to:

    • Breaking rules
    • Being an asshat
    • Asking for promotions
    • Making a bad first impression
    • Being immature
    • Inability to read
    • Being irresponsible

    In order to be promoted, just follow the rules as best you can. If you feel that you're actually being over looked to the point where it's being frustrated, feel free to send me a PM directly. I will tell you why you're not being promoted or if it's just a misunderstanding. Nick and I try our bests with promotions and give them out when the time is right. Unfortunately, due to work among other things, we're not the most active owners and we understand that. This is why we know that we miss some admins a lot, and if you think we're missing your abilities, send us a PM and we'll look into promotions.

    Section 11: Rank hacking

    If you rank hack, you're gonna get banned. :mellow:

    Section 12: Cheating/VAC Bans

    Any member of the community found to be cheating from this point on will be kicked and stripped of all power.


    This thread will be updated frequently with more information regarding the hand guide and I will try to keep it current. If you have any recommendations for how to improve this, please post them in the suggestions forum.