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    VIP Pricing Change

    By Sharpienero,

    Hey everyone.

    Just a quick announcement regarding VIP in general. We are now selling COD Jumper VIP as well as lowering the price of DR VIP. Starting May 1st, both COD Jumper and Deathrun VIP will be priced:

    1 month: $5.00 USD
    3 months: $12.50 USD [$4.16/month] [(16.66% discount!)
    6 months: $24.00 USD [$4.00/month] (20% discount!)
    1 year: $40.00 USD [3.33$/month] (33% discount and best price!)

    Thank you for your continued support,
    Precision Gaming

    EU Servers and Moving Forward

    By Sharpienero,

    Hey everyone,

    After many hours of discussing, planning, and deliberation, Precision Gaming is pleased to announce a new European based server-set. We plan to mimic the set up that we currently have on our NA servers and include CoD4 servers, CS:GO Servers, and possibly some source based servers.

    Who will be in charge of the EU division?:
    I'm pleased to announce that @MiKeY will be in charge of managing the EU servers. He's very well knowledgeable, experienced, and skillful. We are very happy to have you on the team, @MiKeY. Make sure everyone gives him a huge welcome. 

    Who will be developing for the EU division?:
    @Lossy will continue to develop for both the NA and EU divisions. @MiKeY has some people in mind who may be joining the developing team sometime in the near future. ;)

    Who will be an admin of the EU server? Will our powers transfer over?:
    @MiKeY ultimately has the say of who will be admins on his server. However, based on the way our conversations have been going, it appears that we will simply merge b3 databases (meaning levels, admin ranks, playtime, etc, will transfer as well). With that being said, @MiKeY will be given power to remove those who he feels do not meet his standards. Please note that this also means that @MiKeY may or may not be bringing in administrators who he feels meet his standards. 

    What does this mean?:
    Who knows? This could be a huge flop or it could be complete success - none the less, we're taking a huge risk here and trying to give the best user experience to people from all over the world. 

    Where will the new server be hosted?:
    We're thinking that it will be placed in France. 

    Won't this cost more money for Precision Gaming?:
    Absolutely. We're hoping that the EU community will appreciate the action, and they will attempt to support us the best they can. Like I said, it's an experiment and a risk for Precision Gaming. But we're willing to try in order to provide the best user experience for our community.

    Why? Why are you doing this?:
    Because we're dedicated to our community. But that's not the only reason. From the start, it has been a part of our vision to watch our seedling of a server flourish. It's been growing very rapidly, and we think that it's about time it grows even more. This move could do that for us. We think it's worth the risk.

    Precision Gaming

    Update: 4/17/2016

    We've put up our first EU-based server. It's deathrun. You can connect either at dreu.pxg.me or eudr.pxg.me.

    /connect dreu.pxg.me

    /connect eudr.pxg.me

    Deathrun Tournament

    By WarZone,

    I've been thinking... why don't we have some sort of tournament to see which player is actually the fastest in Deathrun. I spoke to @Nick about it and he said it would be fine hosting a tournament. So this is how its gonna go

    3 people per team/clan/group racing against another team and we add up the times and see which time is the least.

    It will be double elimination if there is enough teams.

    It will be on 1 server with a password so no randoms will join. 

    I will stream it on https://www.twitch.tv/warzonego 

    MAY 14 - MAY 15 

    Prize will be 3-month VIP.

    To join the tournament, you all need a forums account.

    - Put you and the other 2 players down below and have a team name.

    - You will be disqualified immediately if you bug/glitch 

    That is all, Good Luck!

    (Leave Suggestions down below)

    Edit: Some secrets will not be allowed. Players will be informed if they can or can't go in secret before map veto.