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    I've read and understand the application requirements: Yes Real Name: Alex Abbott In game name: B3ID (type !regtest to get this): @9820, was @812 a long time ago Age: 15 Steam (Profile Link): http://steamcommunity.com/id/JaxOFW How long have you been around the server for?: Iv'e been around pxg for years on years on years, I think maybe 4 years now. How often are you on?: I'm on when people are on. I hop on the forums everyday and usually multiple times a day just to see what's going on. What country are you from?: USA Why do you feel you would be a good addition to pXg?: Iv'e been around pXg and the CoD4 community in general for years now. Iv'e been wanting to help contribute multiple things, multiple times in the past. I haven't been able to remotely contribute anything to pxg since I haven't got accepted, but I feel like I can contribute multiple things in any way, shape or form. EX: servers, etc. Additional Information: My last application got denied by @Sharpienero because he thought it was a meme application. Please don't hate on me for applying to pxg and saying "omg Jax is applying for pxg I don't like him because of my past experience with him." NOTE: I'm trying to rebuild my reputation and not be called a "faggot 10 y/o who doesn't know anything". I plan on contributing the most I can to pxg in modifications all the way to server side things.
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