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  1. Our Return

    Glad to see that pxg is back Shame about all the nubs here though :P
  2. Not even ten minutes in and sharknado 5 is likely the worst one

    1. Anti


      Bret Michaels got hit by a double decker bus and started doing a solo through the sharknado through the streets of London 

      Robot girl used her jet packs to save the collapsing Big Ben 

      Queen's guards took out uzis and M16, then started unloading on the raining sharks 

      Main porn dude surfed a shark down the palace's staircase 

      Kangaroo started boxing with one of the Sharks 

      Showing clips of barknado, all characters and sharks replaced by dogs 

      The son got sucked into the sharknado and his advanced carnival shark hat is helping him survive against the sharks  

      Pretty accurate depiction of British politics 

      Sharknados evolve like apes and we've been fighting them since the medieval ages 

      My mistake, apparently the son is inside a vortex inside the sharknado 

      They're going through the sharknado with a steampunk blimp 

      They're now in Switzerland and out-skiing the shardnadow down the alps

      Robot girl is using ski and spinning into her own tornado to fight against the sharknado

      Random girl skate danced with a shark in a hockey ring before cutting it in half 

      They stole sled dogs and now flying up with them like reindeer 

      They got teleported due to the electric conduction by the sharks rubbing against each other, currently in Australia 

      Robot girl is now shooting lazers at the talking Australian sharks

      Pornstars are putting the robot girl back together

      Side chick made vows about starting shark genocide and war with the ocean 

      The robot girl is not allowed to have sex anymore or she may overheat and detonate 

      Sydney opera house is transforming into a battle station 

      Tony Hawk is now shredding up the Sydney opera house and releasing the circuits to put up the shields 

      The Sydney opera house shells are now airships shooting lazers at the sharknado 

      They now got teleported to Rio

      Stone hedge got destroyed at the start, but they need to get there to activate the security star of ancient David 

      The key they needed got stolen while they were praying at church 

      DJ dude doing some cold stunners to these baby sharks 

      They're driving across the rio Jesus statue as it spins in the sharknado 

      They're now doing donuts with their cars against the key thief in the gladiator arena in Rome

      Porn dude jumped fifteen feet into the air and cut a shark in half with a sharp brick 

      They gave up on saving the son

      Fabio is the pope and gives his holy chainsaw to porn dude 

      Nuclear waste mixed with the sharks and now a green shark tsunami is heading to destroy Japan 

      Porn dude uses the pope's blessing to create a dbz destruction wave 

      Not a tsunami anymore, it's now sharkzilla and running havoc through Tokyo 

      Japanese girls throwing Pokemon balls and slowly dwindling down sharkzilla 

      Side chick dies twice

      Alright I'm done night guys 

    2. Space


      First off, assuming you're a sane human being capable of differentiating between right and wrong, what exactly possessed you to go and see that movie?

      Second, scratch anything I said first because after reading your reply I'm sure you're not a sane human being.

  3. Just watched two seasons of mr. pickles, not sure what to do with myself now 

    1. Space


      666 GOOD BOY

  4. tatertots being a hecking patroitak boye prpred to not be frens with them r e d c o a t s: 356b97b64a1eab3184cee0f691ae2f9a.png 

  5. What song are you listening to?

    Been listening to this for the past two weeks when I'm about to sleep
  6. We're getting xcom mario boys, prepare yourselves

  7. Promotions and Acceptance

    Congrats to both @Lolz977 and @Ocirix on becoming official members
  8. Finally got ten reps of 500lbs (227kg) on squat. Going for and hopefully will get my calculated one rep max of 670lbs (304kg) next Tuesday ^^

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. WarZone


      ure pretty big

    3. Karma


      you tryna kill yourself or...?

    4. Anti


      More or less for them sweet PRs :P

  9. dont forget our date next friday.

    1. Anti


      I remember consenting to no such thing. @Cloudy sic 'em 

  10. Promotions and Acceptance

    Congrats @Seren on becoming a full nubzor
  11. I'll be gone for about a week dealing with group projects that everyone decided on the last minute to do, studying for finals along with extra credit quizzes, and fixing my horrid sleep cycle ;-; Wish the rest of you nubs luck with your finals/high school exams. In the unlikely case I'm needed, spam West and he'll deliver the message at 3:00AM the following day like the massive nub he is. 

    1. cloudy


      Good luck with your project C:

    2. Soap



  12. Will be gone for the next few days dealing with nubs. If you need me, spam @West on steam so he can text me. 

  13. What song are you listening to?

    Since the trailer for Samurai Jack released, have been listening to this at least once every other day
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