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  1. Anyone know a good place to get a cheap Windows 10 Home CD Key?

    1. cloudy
    2. Space


      You're good, I actually found a website that sold 2 for $20 so I got it, thanks for the help though!

    3. cloudy


      No problem pal. Glad to help.

  2. Homework Help

    With school starting back up I feel like bumping this topic to let our newer members and remind those of us that this topic exists and I suggest taking advantage of this for those who are either too shy or too lazy or whatever the case may be to seek an actual tutor. "Carry on" - REX
  3. Nice and clean, like the look of it. Thanks Michael

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    2. TheHumble_J


      yeah I know, thats why it reminds me of zombies. Do you have zombie chronicles?

    3. Space


      On Xbox yeah. Me and one of my irl friends wanna do Easter eggs. I'm trying to get mork to get it so if you did we would have 4 people to fuck up those Easter eggs 

    4. jwofles
  5. Well I just got hired on to my local PD and I start Wednesday. I finally feel like my life is on track, so fucking excited.

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    2. Space


      It'll be hard not to, I'll need some donut discipline in my opinion

    3. Pain.


      Next time I'm in Cali bring me on a ride along ;3

    4. cloudy


      Congratulations mate, hope you enjoy it C:

  6. What song are you listening to?

    I forgot you showed me infant annhilator
  7. Gonna drive for 9 hours to so cal so I can finally get back on my pccccccc

    1. Arc


      Drive safe

    2. Soap
    3. vance


      dont forgot to stop by i made cookies

  8. What song are you listening to?

    @mork @Black Jesus
  9. Throwback to when we had mook in the group chat ???? uVSVjKL.jpg

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    2. Space


      I'm excuse me no one has ur snap so it u demote me that's unjustified

    3. Soap


      its full @REX

      whats ur snap doe


    4. REX


      >:( remove everyone, add rex, best group.

      @Squid snaps: bgorman87

  10. Had an oral exam with my county's sheriff office. Did pretty well on it. Hopefully I'll get hired on as a cadet ??

    1. The C3

      The C3

      Good luck space :)

    2. HawkSlayerr


      Mmmm officer spice

    3. Anti


      "In a world where criminals buy their dastardly tools online to commit atrocities, one man has had enough of servicing those who cause harm. Join us this summer as Space goes from taking and storing inventory to taking and storing perps. The Amaz-man *inception noise* "

      Best of luck nub

  11. Anyone else playing the GR Wildlands beta? Seems like a great game but could have more potential imo

  12. What song are you listening to?

    Going through this for some chill "night drive" vibes and saw this, I love Lost Boy and Ruth B is a GREAT singer