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  1. you fuckin ear raped us and spammed racial slurs. I cant fuckin believe you. If I could report you I could, consider this a warning faggot bitch ass bitch. 


    1. SnakeEyes


      Yeah I know you should report me man

      It will make everything cleaner :p

  2. Today's weather for Michigan.... Cloudy with a chance of rule9's

  3. I know I can treat you better than he can ?

  4. What song are you listening to?

    I was listening to that tho before while I posted it ? I was listening to that tho before while I posted it ?
  5. What song are you listening to?

    I know what your probably thinking don't judge :P
  6. Promotions and Acceptance

  7. i might not be on as much as i used to i need to solve some shit im dealing with in my life. ill still be on just not as much

    1. SnakeEyes


      When I'm at my dad's home I'll be on when I'm at my moms I won't be on cause there's no computer I can use any more at my moms

  8. i hate my life i have it sucks but ik no one could give one fuck youll understand why later going through shit ton of stuff lately

    1. SnakeEyes


      That's why I don't feel like getting on my pc cause it will make it worse

    2. Klay
    3. Peter


      Wish I could help you man, but since I don't know what you're going trough I can only wish you good luck.

  9. gonna be inactive within a couple days for some time

    Update my pc finnaly turned on
  10. I'm gonna be inactive for sometime due to my pc not working and in a couple days or so I'm going to a boarding school not that I want to go my parents are making me. I'll be active on the breaks that the school has. But I might be able to be able to go on the website cause they got time for me to use internet there so I wish you guys good luck and note I can be on teamspeak on my phone for the next couple days before I go to the school
  11. >Wins 2 comp matches = 20 hour cooldown. no point but ill have to deal with 3 more of those til i get a rank

    1. Nick


      mm is honestly so broken right now. :(

  12. Rawr App

    Good luck
  13. Snakeyes Application

    @Peter yea that's understandable
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