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  1. Treez app # 2

    Ingame Name: Treez Real Name: Chayse Gender: Male Age: 15 Xfire: treez523 Skype: popmanloc Steam: https://steamcommuni...ChayseChristian B3 ID : 5827 How long have you been around server for?: december 23 2014 Why do you feel you would be a good member of our clan?: I am a respectful death runner, i respect most all staff, i am very active basically i have no life. Additional information: I have a record of about 2 bans bc of some stupid shit that i won't do anymore. (sorry canabis and surfehhh )
  2. [COD4] Cappy's Application

    gl with your app. maybe get more than my votes xD 1 yes 5 no xDDDDD
  3. Ban appeal :P

    i don't see a real reason why they should unban you tbh there is no real reason stated why you should be unbanned
  4. Rubix's real application.

    lol dead
  5. Rubix's real application.

    he makes me moist so yeah
  6. [COD4] Pain's Application

    he doesn't have his pic yet
  7. [COD4] Pain's Application

    He's my mom (legit no lie)
  8. Treez app

    No by Cs go is my shit I meant I love the fuck out of it
  9. gammageo's application

    good guy, talk to him in ts, very respectful would be cool to have him as a part of pxg c:
  10. Maasive's Application

    I love you.
  11. Maasive's Application

    yes exactly like that But to be honest he isn't really all that immature for his age, yes he is sometimes ignorant and annoying but at when all of us were 12 we were probably just as annoying to people that are older. Good luck on your application.
  12. Maasive's Application

    I was waiting to see stuff get real
  13. Treez app

  14. Treez app

    im a fucking tree i cannot fly, and cs go is my shit bro
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