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  1. Sebe's Application

    yea dude i am sorry the way i behaved to you i shouldnt have i was getting sleepy and wenever u were saying shit how i wasnt going to get mod it was pissing me off and well i guess now i didnt get it
  2. Black Jesus's Application yo

    +1 I think hes a good player talks clean should be recruited.
  3. Sebe's Application

    @Haxer,Well you want to know what sucks i got denied becuase i pretended like i was going to ddos someone and 2 week ban :c like i said i dont get in clans much anymore
  4. Sebe's Application

    @Haxer, Ok.. Thanks For Being Honest And im sorry that your not admin anymore
  5. Sebe's Application

    Real Name:Sebastian Gaming Alias: Sebe , FaZeSebe Gender:Male Age:11 Steam:Sebemcord2 B3 ID (type !regtest in game):1784 Servers Played:pXg, Raid, Boss, RvS, iceops, Pulse deathrun How long have you been around the server for?:2 years How often are you on?:5 Hours A day Why do you feel you would be a good member of pXg?:Becuase i have been admin on other servers like Pulse Deathrun got [60] admin got trusted and never abused i know when people are not following the rules and i know when i need to warn and kick someone. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I Have Been A Player for a while and im clean and respectful in chat and i dont over react to things and im a very nice person. Thanks For Reading And Have A Good Day!!
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