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  1. What song are you listening to?

    The entire new Post Malone album <3 its soooo good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQjsAJhsSw8
  2. So is this just for Scoria and WTF? if so then I ill be fine with that since players actually do skip the entire map but if its for the rest of the maps then im not OK with it the cuts on the other maps need to stay in, in a race you want the fastest time and simple cuts like in other maps save a few seconds to get the best time.
  3. What song are you listening to?

    Been listening to this quite a bit.
  4. Rpgmaniac5123 is t bayonet 

    play it in a stupid way

  5. Promotions and Acceptance

    I will start playing more, I haven't cause I've been kinda busy with homework
  6. Promotions and Acceptance

    @Rawr maybe one day I will become 60
  7. Zoot$Tep's Application

    Real name: Antonio Muniz (Mexican) Ingame name: Zoot$tep Gender: Male Age:14 Xfire: Skype: Steam: Ajrocks1234 B3 ID (type !regtest in game): 1615 Servers Played:3 How long have you been around the server for?: Almost a year How often are you on? 5/7 days Why do you feel you would be a good member of pXg?: I believe i would be a good member for pXg because I am on a lot of the time and if I see if someone is cheating or doing something bad I wont hesitate to give them a warning. I also can be very helpful, if someone has a question i can answer it. I also promise to never abuse my power if i become a member. I would love to one day be at least a member of pXg.