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  1. Submit Demos!

    Currently, we have 0 ideas on what to upload for our YouTube Channel. I've decided that we should have pXg Community Highlights. Basically cool shit you do in a game, send it to pXg and you're on a video (if approved). How to submit Demo (Example): At the moment, we are only accepting COD4/CS:GO Demos. Whether it be speedruns or a nutty frag you hit on ProMod or CS:GO. If you are submitting a CS:GO or ProMod Demo, please include the round you hit the shot/clutch. Our 1st Video: Not the best but it's mainly a Demo Call and I really didn't have a lot of clips. Hope y'all enjoy. Edit: Forgot to mention you reply to this topic with your YouTube clip and Demo Download link Edit2: If you wanna edit for pXg, PM me! Edit3: If you have an Edit on your channel and want it on pXg YT, PM me!
  2. What song are you listening to?

  3. hb bro fuck more bitches

  4. basically the same reason evry1 voted yes
  5. i might not be able to participate in the tournament because of fps problems but dont cout me out bkuz i might be able to fix it by saturday

  6. signed up for tourney name not on bracket

  7. happy l8 birthday to my homeboy chaucer livin with that stankass hawkslayer

    1. Chaucer


      Thanks now eat my furry ass

  8. What song are you listening to?

    ^pretty sure wnki used this one in a vid
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