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  1. SainT's Re-Application

    Hey Saint. What's up? Anyway good luck!
  2. Leaving the clan

    As you see by the title i'm leaving the clan. I've recently got very bored of deathrun. I might come on now and then other than that I'll be gone. I've had a ton of fun and memories with the clan. I just want to say good bye.
  3. Inactivity!

    Hey guys I'm going away for spring break. I won't be back for around 2 weeks. I'll be on forums just not on the server. See you all soon.
  4. Hello ^-^

    Hey! Whats up! Hope to see you on!
  5. Hey guys!

    Hey welcome to forums hope to see you play sometime!
  6. Farewell pXg.

    See ya GLXY good luck in your sports and those things!
  7. [Cod4] pXg Application iPod

    Good luck!
  8. Stylin's Second Application

    Good luck StyLin!
  9. Ninja Application's

    I believe he is "FaZe Ninja" at the moment.
  10. Hi guys LeNeck here

    Hello Welcome to forums. I hope to be able to do dr with you sometime.
  11. Application

  12. Scappy Application

    Well, good luck!
  13. East is mi nan

  14. Inactive for a while

    See ya soon. Don't lose anything!
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