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  1. cLAs1ma.jpgso i saw your background profile so i thought i would look for some overwatch and i found warzone on the far left

    1. Majin Buu Hungry

      Majin Buu Hungry

      and alan on the far right

    2. WarZone


      oh, oh, oh, its time to accelerate


    3. Majin Buu Hungry

      Majin Buu Hungry

      @WarZone  @Rescue Fox    love you both so much article-doc-ei4l3-1J5bY1dRgKae936c68daee22158a-639_634x427.jpg.053b5553e03d1d4137e00a826372beb7.jpg8aea6ca5aba39e7db2ebdac42bd8ef5972084dbad6af0235655c57b79d231b1b.jpg.9e5f40e696a2c828cc88c298f9ce7c50.jpg

  2. Honestly has some of the best taste in music.

    1. Josh


      just saw this, thanks momi

  3. SAO is bad

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Rescue Fox
    3. Soap


      Watch black lagoon its on your list

    4. Majin Buu Hungry

      Majin Buu Hungry

      bunch of beta cucks. why be a beta cuck when you could be delta?

  4. honestly though potentially the best background for a profile there will ever be.

  5. What song are you listening to?

    Some good gore shit for you guys :)
  6. https://gyazo.com/ce0893211a925d84a4c0fed8b2ffedf4       when ur boy cant even guess that kampfer ... was close tho

  7. What song are you listening to?

    A song to make you happy ^-^
  8. Hope you brought your costco card, 'cause you're about to get dick bulk!

    1. Majin Buu Hungry

      Majin Buu Hungry

      As soon as you bring the dick down are you going to give it to one of the senior citizens that serve taste testers?

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