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  1. [Accepted 8/10/14]] b0ss application

    good luck to you
  2. ImJustBad Member Application

    good application. like it, but i wonder why it didnt sound like u meant it in the question: why do u think u would be a good member in our clan? honestly idk sounded corny but idc as long as u meant what u said good app and gl m8. -Snoopy out
  3. [skreptic] application #trust

    skreptic u seem cool but its not up to me. hey but if u get denied dont quickly post another one w8 a month or 2 and try to improve on what ppl think u need to improve on. good luck m8. -ZeSnoopster out
  4. Snoopy Has a Problem...

    its ok
  5. Snoopy Has a Problem...

    Hey guys I have a serious problem. I have a few trojans on my laptop (1 couldnt do crap but i got like 5 or 6 so now its starting to take effect) and its slowing my pc down. I need help removing them or else I won't be able to function correctly. I have tried searching up ways but found nothing useful. Please help, I'm begging you all.
  6. DaLag's Application (#3)

    if i was pxg i would say yes. Nice guy, helps out if he can, and pretty mature for his age. -Snoopy out
  7. Snoopy's 2nd Try for pXg

    Just a joke man XD but thanks, hope I've proved im worthy
  8. Snoopy's 2nd Try for pXg

    Yep, I am BounceBossHD and during near the end when I lost my profile and cod4 due to key code problems I was BBossHD, but yep. To add I might get pissed at times but I cool down pretty quick if no one decides to be a smartass. And if someone (specifically Kirby) decides to be a smartass and annoy me more after I'm already pissed, I become a douche, so please dont mind me when those times happen
  9. Snoopy's 2nd Try for pXg

    bro im not a squeaker i just speak like that, other than that I can speak normally, I just don't like speaking normally because I get bored of speaking that way.
  10. TIME IS $$$$$/NNAGOL Application :)

    dont see u at all in teamspeak, should get on it, and uh u seem pretty nice and smart, but my opinion doesnt matter because i dont know u well -Snoopy out.
  11. ImJustPro Application

  12. Snoopy's 2nd Try for pXg

    In-Game Name: SnoopyFTW Real Name: Rodrick Eskandari Gender: Male Age: 16 Don't Bother On Xfire, I use Steam: iTzSnoopy Skype: BounceBossHD Rodrick B3 ID in DR: @95 How long have you been around here for?: Been around for a while, can't really tell when, but all I know was it was in 2013 (not exactly a year ago, maybe just a few months before 2014) How often do you play: Everyday 1-2 hours, sometimes at night sometimes in afternoons and sometimes in the mornings, its cause I don't really choose when to play I play when I got the chance to. Why do you feel you will be a good member in our clan?: Well, honestly I only heard get on teamspeak more and I did but usually no one was on when I did because I usually come on at night. Ever since I was denied I played more in mornings and afternoons no matter what to prove I'm always in teamspeak and I do speak if people are there that will respond. Other than that I love DR, CJ, and PM. I only like these servers because I get to play with people I know and actually enjoy playing with. If I had no choice but to play on other servers I wouldn't even play cod4 anymore. I'm always on the pXg servers anytime I'm playing on the PC instead of the XBOX 360 or PS3. To be completely honest DR and the people in pXg is why I even play CoD4, because before I found you guys I was seriously on the brink of uninstalling cod4 due to how boring it was. Additional Information: I don't really have a care for being denied, I won't stop playing on pXg just because you guys don't think I should be with in the clan. I met so many people on pXg I only don't know a few of these new people in our servers, but I'll get to know them better soon enough. I only want to be in pXg because I wouldn't be playing CoD4 without you guys. I'm only happy as long as I get the chance. (By the way, if I get denied 3 times I might even never apply again because obviously I'm not pXg material and I understand and accept that, like I said I don't care about being denied, and no one can just trust someone based on how long they play on a server.) hope you guys give me a chance, and as always I'm going to be looking forward to be with you guys till the end.
  13. BounceBossHD's application

    thanks man that means alot but hopefully in a month or less ill be back on the dr server and be playing an hour or 2 a day. P.S. im on mobile so only way ill be talking is by being on the website
  14. BounceBossHD's application

    You know guys I really want to be in pxg but the problem is past few weeks I've been inactive due to family and internet problems I wont be descriptive me and my dad have problems with each other in a really bad way he is mad and shut off the WiFi the modem and router is in his room I have no choice but to be inactive for a while. If these problems were to go on I am not to be considered a member of pxg if not already. If I am to never game on PC again due to these problems it was fun I had the best Time with u guys I will miss u and you will definitely hear from me if I come back. Thanks for all the fun I will miss the pxg members the most I will miss all of the people on the death run server. Goodbye for now and never stop having fun -Snoopy For The Win
  15. Skreptic App.

    Well its not that its that I was on my phone and I kept on posting on accident and phone version was new to me so I just posted new ones
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