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  1. Green Giants Second App

    lel denied again, guess i'm not meant to be apart of pxg ;(
  2. Green Giants Second App

    GODDDAMIIT ENGLISH PLZ! i'm not putting that into google translate xD
  3. Green Giants Second App

    http://www.reddit.com/r/russian/comments/2trt80/how_do_i_say_huge_faggot_in_russian_google/ i found this post and that first comment has the exact same thing you put. xD wtf you calling me a huge faggot. Gaiboi
  4. Green Giants Second App

    "Giant you fantastic pidaras" wtf does that mean xD
  5. Green Giants Second App

    lel i put that into google translate and this came out. "You're a pretty girl : >>> Bebe my anus , please." Is that right? If so wtf m9
  6. Green Giants Second App

    kek fine ill change it to my youtube one, you goddamn nerd
  7. Green Giants Second App

    Lel well then its still at one, i dont see why my avatar is scary
  8. Green Giants Second App

    lel wtf why did this post twice i only clicked post once
  9. Green Giants Second App

    Ingame Name: Giant Real Name: Steven Raymond Charles Johnson Gender: Male Age: 20 Xfire: thegreengiant68 Skype: ( I can add whoever, if they want to talk or something on skype. But id rather not put my skype here) Steam: Giant B3 ID in DR(do !regtest to get this): @1731 How long have you been around server for?: At least over a year. How often do you play? For like 2-3 hours everyday. Why do you feel you would be a good member of our clan?: Because i know the rules, and believe i am i relatively mature individual Also it would be so much simpler, if i could just ban them myself rather just posting it to the forums every time
  10. Not really sure what happened..

    oh ok thats all good. Thanks
  11. Not really sure what happened..

    Ah ok, that kind of sucks :/. Well till then would it be possible to unban my friend le_choch. He gets paid on friday and is going to be buying a legit copy then but he just wants to play some deathrun.
  12. Not really sure what happened..

    Yea no problem, it sucks that it has to be this way but there is no other way around it. Non legit copies of cod4 just causes too many problems, thats why if you have non legit copy, Raid just bans you as soon as you try and join .
  13. Not really sure what happened..

    There seems to be a big issue with people having non legit copies of cod4, ive noticed it several times were someone has joined and is confused as to why they have vip. My guess would be that someone who has a non legit copy of cod4 bought vip and now its giving it to the people who just downloaded the game from nosteam. Also it probably the issue as to why it was saying le_choch is a 20, he is not pXg l Zoom as ive known le_choch for like 4 years now and ive never met zoom .
  14. My Application -Jev

    why does his thing say only a week?
  15. My Application -Jev

    Jev read number 7 Applicant Requirements: (Does not necessarily apply to current members) 1. Have teamspeak3 and a microphone. 2. Have a clean record of no bans (negotiable.) 3. Good reputation within the gaming community and other clans. 4. Be at least 14 years old. 5. Mature attitude and common sense. 6. Active at least on a weekly basis. (negotiable.) 7. At least 1 month since first joining a pxg server. 8. A basic knowledge of b3 9. A full understanding of the rules of pXg 10. Sociable with admins and users
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