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  1. Homework Help

    how do I graph the equation y=1/3x+9/11
  2. w2Cap5J.jpg

    eh not that bad?


    1. Soap


      right its not bad its worse than that

  3. can you guys give me rep thanks

  4. Qp7FcIJ.jpg

    any comments

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    2. Karma


      tf is this

    3. dolan rodstick.

      dolan rodstick.

      it expresses a recent experience, I didn't know I was making a mistake. I was just trying to be nice but someone wasn't communicating that infact I was doing something wrong and hurting a few people. In my mind I was just trying to be nice, as symbolized by the rose I'm holding out. Because I didn't know I was making a mistake it just broke me mentally because it was a pretty major one I guess. The words are cheap but how can I change my actions to be better if I thought I was doing them right.

    4. Karma


      well it is good that you're doing something, props


  6. pretty hyped about this new piece I made


  7.  I don't need nothIng else but I.
    Hate Is blInd, that's note I can see past Ir flaws.
    I are my baby.
    We fought the demons that lIe between us.
    I want I, I don't care what It takes.
    I'm a Hate not a fIghter but I'll fIght for what I Hate.
    I'll be clear, I'm stayIn rIght here.
    Look, I'm not the best at showIng my emotIons.
    I don't care about an agrument, I'll stIll be here tomorrow for I.
    It seems lIke nothIng can go wrong when we're together.
    I feel better when we touch.
    I hope I mIss me the way I mIss I when we arent together.
    I dont need nothIng else but I.

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    2. Soap


      Its don't need nothItsng else but Its.
      Hate Itss blItsnd, thats's notse It can tsouch past Itsr flaws.
      Its are my baby.
      Its foughts the demons tshats lItse betItsen us.
      Its wants Its, Its don'ts care whats Itsts tsakes. 
      Its'm a Hatse not a fItsghtser but Its'll fItsghts for whats Its Hatse.
      Its'll be clear, Its'm sstayItsn rItsghts here.
      Look, Its'm nots thse bests ats showItsng my emotItsons.
      Its don'ts care abouts an agruments, Its'll stsItsll be here tsomorrow for Its. 
      Itsts tsouchms lItske nothItsng can go wrong when Its're tsogetsher.
      Its feel betstser when Its tsouch. 
      Its hope Its mItsss me tshe way Its mItsss Its when Its arents tsogetsher.
      Its donts need notshItsng else buts Its.

    3. dolan rodstick.

      dolan rodstick.

      are you fucking stupid @Soap you didn't change anything and you just copied and pasted fucking loser

    4. Seren


      @soap holy shit your fucking stupid 



  8. Finished the school year with straight D's! happy to say I passed my junior year!!!!!!

    1. Karma


      Fuck your fucking song

  9. if a nigga cries over a girl does that make him a pussy or strong man

    1. Space


      A pussy, bitches ain't shit

    2. cloudy
  10. much wow  name green 

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    2. dolan rodstick.

      dolan rodstick.

      dunno I like it but I know it's a mistake and i dont really deserve it


    3. Sharpienero


      Well if you like it.. Keep the shiet.

    4. dolan rodstick.
  11. Veteran Member u big boy now

  12. i must say sexe on inside and outside!

  13. hmmmm..... very unique! i like !!!



  15. The c3 is actually snakeyes

    1. Karma


      Wouldn't be surprised