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  1. Little Montage Of Hawk And I

    and ill write what I've said... kden
  2. We worked on this during the summer but I just didn't have time doing it in Canada so yeah... We decided 2 days ago to make something out of it so we made this little preview ish type of video. We are planning on adding some other clips to make it a bit longer. Big thanks to Haxer who actually help us out recording the demos because we both are mac users lol and thats the main reason why the quality isn't the best... Hope you enjoy and if you guys have any clips just us the demo(s) and we'll add them to the next montage. Hawk & Vis <:
  3. Codjumper shortcut montage

    This montage is absolutely ridiculous as well :
  4. Easter Holidays

    Date of Leaving: 4/17/2014 (today) Date of Coming Back: 4/22/2014 (tuesday next week) Reason: Easter trip with the family… Will miss ya guys, see you soon
  5. Inactivity

    Date of Leaving: 4/2/2014 Date of Coming Back: 4/6/2014 Reason: School trip I'll be back soon ^^
  6. What's your favorite food?

  7. VisionZ's Application

    Requirements: 1. Have teamspeak3 and a microphone : Yeah/No 2. Have a clean record of no bans : Think I do 3. Good reputation within the gaming community and other clans. : I think so… You can go ask =([ISDP])= where I was a member for over a year. 4. Be at least 14 years old. : I’m 16. 5. Play CoD4 : obv... 6. Mature attitude and common sense : idk Application Instructions: Ingame Name: VisionZ or iii Real Name: Justin Brely-Demeules Gender: Male Age: 16 Xfire: visionzzz Skype: justin_brely-demeules Steam: N/A B3 ID in DR: @233 How long have you been around server for?: Joined your servers now and then since the beginning but have been playing them since a few weeks / months How often do you play?: When I have time… so pretty much everyday of the week for a few hours (except if I have a hockey practice/game) Why do you feel you would be a good member of our clan?: I have some admin experience due to being one with =([ISDP])= (moderating / banning dumbasses out of the servers etc... ) Additional information: <21:51:12> "pXg| WarZone" pokes you: did you make an app for pxg? I would if i were you
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