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  1. arc how to get in tpurnament?


    1. Arc


      ask anyone if they want to sign up with you, it has to be a team of three.

    2. VayRum


      DUckz me and maybe Nobody

      and nice background music 

  2. im SainTs brother

    1. LeNeck


      oh ok saints, didnt know it was you

  3. and r u goiong to go on pXg?

  4. LeNeck u ever goin to go for member then admin

    1. LeNeck


      Hey mate, no i don't think so

    2. VayRum
  5. shapinero saint is banning me for no reason for being stupid whats that.see if i was admin i wouldn't do shit things like that. this is desapointing to see u guys accepting assholes like saint cause they just ban u for stupid things.they might act nice to u when ur there ohhh but behind the scenes there lots of shit u don't see this is what i meant when i said lets cut to the chase in  my application cause u don't need to know what ur favorite food is or drink u want to know why there applying the reason and what would make u a good admin. if possible add ur age. now back to the point saint is fucking around and i would like to put up a complant for saint to be demoted to 20 cause i don't like shitty admins with powers to be able to kik people and say for being in the sever or for acting and shit like that i hope u get back to me with this saint shit cause it is not on. VayRum Signing Out

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    2. GANGSTA


      He's my brother, I banned him for a reason, he was disrespecting others and being a stupid fuckwit, just annoying so I banned him for 30 minutes.

    3. VayRum


      Arc No it hasnt and still till this day i woul like to have all my warnings put aside if posssible

    4. Arc


      @VayRumVayRum If you feel the warn/ban was unjust post here https://pxg.me/forum/87-report-center/ but that is pretty pointless because warns will automatically expire after a certain period of time, I think it is 24 hours but don't quote me on that.

  6. hey sharpienero i saw ur comment to blacklash he wanted to know how to apply,that is what i want to know and if i  could possibly apply i'm 11 turning 12 and i really think i have the ability to be an admin i'm not one those guys that suk up to admins like u [and ur 100],and think they can get in if u say no it's no problem but if u say yes reply to me kk.Vayrum signing off.                                                                        

    1. Sharpienero
    2. VayRum


      qq thank jaja soz for first one loll didnt read rules anyways