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  1. I'll be on in a month or two btw I'm prestige 1 so just save that for when I get my new PC 

    1. Josh


      Noted. You should make a post in the Inactivity section

    2. Black Widow
  2. Has 444 and 666 been unbanned because there in my game been annoying saying they hacked into the game server. Then going on an saying that they have been unbanned. But any way if that is them there still annoyin:mellow:

    1. Space


      I banned them back when I was 40 and 40's were only able to ban up to two weeks so it seems as though the time is up. If any of the higher up admins want to perm them they can but I'm going to give them one more chance and if they are still harassing and being all around asshats, PM me and I will take care of them.

    2. Black Widow
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