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  1. Happy late b-day! I forgot.


  2. Noice signature bro!

  3. What song are you listening to?

    Those two songs are fucking awesome z0mbie your signature made me laugh when I was listening to that song! XD
  4. Can u come over tomorrow the PC stopped working.

    1. Arc


      hello again, my name is Samsung, i have found problem on your device. you have watch naughty video on interweb and download virus, okay. i will need pay of 200 usd to fix problem.

  5. Good one with the sharpener thing that was fast and to the point. Elle what's your time estimate? 

    1. HawkSlayerr


      Y do u message him on the forums? Can't u just  text or something

    2. Mr"."Coolgamerr7


      I don't have a phone! :/

  6. Is there no school today? 

    Coz I'm getting:.( braces! 


    1. Arc


      I don't need braces :P

  7. What song are you listening to?

    Omg this is what I think in real life holly crap!
  8. You lil skip school I hope your working on your shoes! ?

    1. HawkSlayerr


      He's allowed to skip school because he doesn't get his "yours" mixed up.

  9. Test Tuesday In math!

    Today: pg 442-445 1-39 except 21-23

    Tomorrow: one sheet of paper write anything for the test. Must be in hand writing! And you can use it on the test!

    m8 I got chu!

  10. Homework Help

    Guys, we have a math test and we are only allowed one sheet of paper for notes to look at during the test. And it must be in hand writing. Do you have any suggestions on what I should do from experience, any tips, tricks? Anything i know I'm going to bomb it. :/ @REX (Can be used for any subject) Figure out what topics are going to be on it, then get as many practice problems on those topics as possible, actually do those problems without any help at first and keep doing them until you find one you cant do. You can then figure out how to do it via google or asking here, and then put those things down on your sheet, rinse and repeat. If you do it right, you probably won't even look at your cheat sheet during a test since finding out how to do them and putting it on the cheat sheet will essentially make you learn how to do it. If you're allowed examples then throw down some examples for each topic as well just as a fail safe :P
  11. What's your estimate on time?


  12. Hawk have you played DarkSiders? Any of them? 

  13. So have the parts come yet?

    1. Arc


      Damn, it takes more than 2 days to ship computer components 

    2. Mr"."Coolgamerr7


      Jesus calm your techie tits!

  14. Homework Help

    I'm pretty good with drawing/art and science! Um, I need some help with math. I've tried and tried but can't understand what to go I've googled it and that didn't help. :/ it's number 16! @Josh You just plug in 1 and 4, 1 for x, 4 for y so I think its 4 >/= -7(1) + 9 -7+9 = 2 4 is greater than 2, so the ordered pair is a solution to the inequality @Mr.Coolgamerr7 Thank you so much I was ripping out my hair trying to figure it out! @Sharpienero Do you understand why, though? Since it's an ordered pair, it generally goes (X, Y). Therefore that's why you plug in 1 for x, and 4 for y. @Josh Anytime. As Mook said, it's X and Y because those are "Coordinates" for a potential graph that they may or may not have asked you to complete at some point. Basically giving you an equation and asking you to find coordinates so you can graph them. @Mr.Coolgamerr7 Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Yea I understand! Thnx!
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