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  1. hawk why u no ever message me b4(|<  <--btw that was suppoused to be back 

  2. im playing it rn AND someone is already prestige 5 levdl 20


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    2. JourdanM8


      i found someone in my school already prestige 6 lvl 54




    3. Klay


      Wtf do people do all day

    4. JourdanM8
  3. Mhm didn't mean to say this is a what's on your mind box :/ I'm nub


  4. About what you said in the chat on I said you would be banned because you said you were banned for level hacking. So I asked if you were on a different key code because you were on the server. You were evading your ban if you get banned do not come back on the server. If their was a admin on you would of probably have been banned even longer I'm just trying to help you out. Don't take it the wrong way :D.

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