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    Happy new year

    By Sharpienero,

    You filthy animals

    Woo, F**k yeah, Things have been upgraded!

    By MiKeY,


    Sh*t's been dooone. We've upgraded our forums to IPB4.2 which comes with some awesome new things. I won't go into to much detail but if you want you can go here to find out more.

    We've now got our own Facebook official... I mean totally unique Reactions System which is cool AF. You can now show that you aren't just a 1 dimensional existence, you can now show all of your 2 dimensional emotions :star:. If you guys post anything cool, then anyone with power that can be bothered to get off their a*s can Feature it which it totally... Okay? I think... well it's better than nothing! 

    Clubs: We have clubs now. Not really sure on what they are used for or how they are good but you can find them under the Browse menu. You can make your own clubs ( like, micro communities or some sh*t. You can ask me and I'll enable it so you can have a private posting place and stuff ) if you so wish and if I feel like it doesn't seem too stupid then I'll approve it and you can invite all of bestest best friends and keep feeling like you have some kind of life... Wait... am I doing that thing where I talk about myself again... I mean, Yeah, Clubs are cool. Give me some suggestions and I can set a few Clubs up to see what we can use them for... Better than just keeping it turned off.

    Oh, We also have a new logo or something. I guess when I unfu*ked the theme the new logo just happened to become a thing. I'm playing with the concept but it's looking pretty tidy so far. If you hate it then say but please give me a reason and don't be a little bit*h... :heart:

    Oh, Deathrun mod... This year from what I've been told. Maybe within the next few weeks to the end of this month. Thats if everything goes right. We'll be bringing out a beta / test server just to make sure it doesn't set of fire or eat us alive so that should be fun. I'll keep you all posted. 

    In the mean time. Enjoy bit*hing about how I've broken the site...

    PS: We're still getting IPB back to stable state so if you see things that are missing then ignore it. I can ensure you that It's on my list of things to fixed / update so it'll be working very soon(tm)

    Arena server

    By Sharpienero,

    Hey everyone,

    Your local retired co-owner here to tell you that a precision gaming csgo arena server (arena.pxg.me) has been put back up, with a new added feature called (gravity mode), which allows you to fly around the arena with a knife and air-fight someone else. @REX, @Nick and I will continue to make new features that will be added pretty often. If you have any suggestions for cool/fun modes, let us know. We're currently looking into adding tons of "mini game" modes that wont count towards ranking but will just be for fun. 

    There's a small update for you, since a lot of people said that they wanted more communication regarding updates.

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    • The title says it all, I'm looking for suggestions for the endmap and endround songs! Can be any genre, just paste your favourite song and I'll compile a list and get them onto the mod! We don't have a limit on how many endround songs we can do therefore you're allowed to post as many as you like! This thread will be ongoing therefore you can suggest any song whenever you like, regardless if all the song spots are filled up! I'll be updating this monthly to give some more variety within the mod. (As well as maps! However this will be done in a different thread). Please use the following format when suggesting songs. YouTube URL (with time stamp): Time Stamp (just easier for me to see): I look forward to listening to all these bangers! (hopefully) Thank you to all which decide to suggest endround and endmap songs, it helps us out and it's a chance for your favourite song to be on the server. :) EDIT: I've decided to limit the endrounds to 30 songs which will be selected randomly on round end, and 10 endmap songs which will also be randomly selected however on map end. Current list (endround): Stephen - Crossfire (TWINSICK Remix) : @Light (banger ngl) Celldweller - The Best It's Gonna Get : @Seren AWAY - Sleepwalker (DROELOE Remix) : @Seren Ebanko - Lyoshka (5.96*) : @Seren Far Out - Lost With You (feat. Ruby Chase) : @cloudy Sander Van Doom & Firebeatz - Guitar Track (Sam Feldt Remix) : @cloudy Imagine Dragons - Believer (Fairlane Remix) : @cloudy 21 Savage - Monster (Official Audio) : @Mist Modestep - Sunlight : my mate ryan     Bustre - Careless : @Seren Klyne - Water Flow (Hazey Eyes Remix) : @jwofles Elohim & Whethan - Sleepy Eyes : @jwofles   Don't Call Me ft. Yuna (TOKiMONSTA) : @jwofles Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PUNYASO Remix) : @cloudy Axol - Mars [NCS Release] : @cloudy       EDX - Feel The Rush : @BosnianArmy   Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha - In The Name Of Love : @Liam._   Dropkillers - Batman : @jwofles Martin Garrix - Bouncybob (Feat. Justin Mylo & Mesto) : @Ryzo Kaskade - Never Sleep Alone (Louis The Child Remix) : @Ryzo Fetty Wap - Trap Queen (Kasbo Remix) : @Ryzo   Current list (endmap): Mage - The Words I Never Said : @Seren   T-Mass & Enthic - Can You Feel It [NCS Release] : @cloudy TheFatRat - Xenogenesis : @cloudy   Audien, MAX - One More Weekend (It's Different Remix/Audio) : @BosnianArmy Conro & Disero feat. Alice France - Like You Like Love Me : @BosnianArmy   Sekai - Somebody [NCS Release] : @cloudy Cartoon - Howling (ft. Asena) (Andromedik Remix) : @Light This is subject to change!