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  2. yro

    im MrTLexify when it comes to zombies cmon now
  3. yro

    kinda sux at zombies tho
  4. yro

    waddup slime my name's jax im kind of a big deal uhh yeah
  5. Our Return

  6. Our Return

  7. Our Return

  8. Our Return

    colored text is cool
  9. i miss all you lil cuties


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  11. Our Return

    Glad to see that pxg is back Shame about all the nubs here though :P
  12. Our Return

    woah forums have colored text this is neat
  13. Our Return

  14. i just looked back at my posts from when i was 11 years old and jesus christ dude wtf was i thinking bro

  15. Our Return

    I never thought i'd return either, id be glad to come back haha.
  16. Our Return

  17. Our Return

  18. Our Return

    omg my life is now complete
  19. Our Return

    miss u cock slayer
  20. Our Return

    Lesss goooo we back bois
  21. Taken from MiKeY, thank you <3 As many of you may have noticed, steam recently had an update for CoD4. The update was intended to fix a pretty bad expoit with overflow limits but instead caused more issues than it solved. To fix this issue Download the new CoD4 exe file from Google Drive. Open a new Windows Explorer Window. Go to your "Steam" folder (Which is likely in "C:\Program Files(X86)") then click on "steamapps" then "common" and then "Call of Duty 4". Here you got to your CoD4 folder. Then simply drag and drop the new .exe into the games directory and let it replace it. For more info on this issue you can read go here.
  22. Yo why did anyone let me on here as a kid lmao

  23. Our Return

    Elo, good to be back well this a rare sighting
  24. Our Return

  25. Our Return

    pxg is back babyyy
  26. Our Return

    im back too lesss go
  27. Our Return

    Hello fellow humans, I would like to introduce myself; my name is Blake and I was a part of Precision Gaming management for a few years before the unfortunate closure. I have been an advocate for bringing back Precision Gaming for the last few years, but the time wasn't right until now as we are all older and more mature. I stepped up to bring our community and home back to us and all the memories we had on these services. Here's our plan moving forward: Revival of our Deathrun server! (We have Krispy onboard, and a new mod which is currently being tested!) Add our services to other games on the market and expand our community a bit more. Open donations on August 15th to help keep our community running. Open applications on August 15th for those who want to be more involved with the community. If you'd like to get more information and become apart of our community once again, join our discord here!
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