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  2. Server Protocol Error

    When i try to join a server is gives me a message saying "Server uses diffrent protocol verison:6 you are using protocol:7" how do i change my verison protocol?
  3. I'm Back

    Welcome back.
  4. I'm Back

    yo saint whats up man, welcome back bro!
  5. I'm Back

  6. I'm Back

    sah dude
  7. I'm Back

    Hey Saint, welcome back :D. Bunch of random stuff has happened, management changed probably a lot of times and we're all still readily waiting for the new mod to be released in the summer of 2017 (xd meme). In seriousness though, a new mod should be releasing soon which is hopefully going to kickstart the deathrun server again. Most of the servers that were popular 2 years ago are dead now. Raid and pxg merged together if you missed that. I probably missed a bunch of stuff but you'll figure it out. Have fun going down memory lane when you play deathrun again ;D
  8. I'm Back

    Wassup boysss and girls if there's any, I know 98% of youse either DGAF or don't know/remember me but just wanted to say I'm back... update me on what's been happening the 2 years I haven't been on... cause shit has changed, a lot.. e.g. I remember Lil' Pain joining as a young pup, now he's a fucking tier 100 Omega.. Fucking miss this shit man... I'm SainT btw. #bringbackthedayswhenSharpienerowasnamedMook #andthedayswhenPeterwasactive
  9. [Closed] PXG Deathrun Testing Session #2

    I'll be there 👌. Oh deary me
  10. [Closed] PXG Deathrun Testing Session #2

    Fucking rude! I started the server up 5 minutes ago and it didn't die. I'll also be doing a less public test about an hour before to make sure it works
  11. [Closed] PXG Deathrun Testing Session #2

    So... 8:30pm?
  12. Hi, So yesterdays test was fun, no fast download, public iPrintLnBold messages, crashes, late start up, other issues.... but today I can ensure you that I've fixed at least 90% of those issues have been fixed. I can't exactly fix my own incompetence now! So, I'm running a second testing session today at 7:30pm BST ( you time ) for around 2 hours. Like last time the server will be on dr.pxg.me and I will be in the testing section of discord for anyone that wants to complain... chat to me about the mod. I've fixed lots of little things and a lot of bigger issues so hopefully we're going to have a clean run today and we can look at a release for this week some time.
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  14. can i get a uhhhhhhh a uhhhhhhhhh

  15. Bring back pXg with my help

    I disagree still. Good luck Mythiic. It's nice seeing your name around here again.
  16. Bring back pXg with my help

    server may be dead, but deathrun is dead in general, Chances of anyone bringing people back to this server is like 0.1% chances
  17. Bring back pXg with my help

    Real Name: Jordan Russell Gaming Alias: MyThiiC Age: 18 Steam (Profile Link):https://steamcommunity.com/id/jordanhdv2/ B3 ID (type !regtest in game):@2685 How long have you been around the server for?: 4 years How often are you on?: I try and check in everyday to see if any players are on. What country are you from?: Canada Why do you feel you would be a good administrator of deathrun?: I feel id be a perfect candidate for admin as ive been around forever and i know how this server should run. I really do belive i can get more people online and active if i am given this postion. Ive been active in teamspeak and in game chat since day 1 and ive always love to help new players and introduce them to the deathrun community. Ive seen the community transform over 4 years and its sad to see pXg a classic sever which is so dear to me go unnoticed and forgotten about. If i do get this postion i will do everything in my will to bring back pXg.
  18. Hi.........

    You are alive Karma :))))
  19. Hi.........

  20. Hi.........

    Welcome back dude!
  21. Hi.........

    Thanks dude and congratz on your promotion my dude
  22. Hi.........

    you're forgiven. don't do more stupid shit. love you
  23. Hi.........

    All im asking for is forgiveness thats all...and if im not granted that after 2 years then .. thats okay i understand.
  24. Hi.........

    honestly shit was like 2 years ago, its a little bit late to apologize now lmao
  25. Chidori

    Hey i made a post in introductions please move it here
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