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  3. COD 4 Crash On Startup

    I bet you installed the newest Windows update (Windows 10) version. Do a rollback to: Version: 1703 Build of OS: 15063.877 When I updated to then newest version, some applications didn't work anymore (for me Discord wasn't usable anymore). And who knows what else doesn't work properly from that update or it's just me and I have a old laptop that the hardware in it cannot communicate properly with the newest update. Anyways just try to do a rollback and see what the result is.
  4. COD 4 Crash On Startup

    Have you tried going to; installation folder -> miles -> rename mssmp3.asi to mssmp3.asi.bak? Also if not try reinstalling your sound card drivers Try disabling front panel jack detection if you have a realtek onboard sound card. Install the cod4 patches Update bios Also does singleplayer work?
  5. 3 year forum join-date anniversary bois WOOOOOOOOOO

  6. COD 4 Crash On Startup

    Hey zombie, haven't talked to you in forever. I have tried that, unfortunately it didn't work. Same with downloading a cracked version. Contacting devs? I'm just killing myself there.
  7. COD 4 Crash On Startup

    I know headphones were mentioned, but did you try plugging a microphone in? That's what did it for my old desktop years ago. (Headphones in the mic port should work the same)
  8. COD 4 Crash On Startup

    You could contact the devs.... hahahahahahahahaha... I'm dying.
  9. COD 4 Crash On Startup

    Try downloading a cracked version of CoD4, if that works then it's something with Steam, if not then I haven't got a clue but it would help define the situation
  10. COD 4 Crash On Startup

    I'll give that a try I guess. Specs: i5-6500 16 GB DDR4 2133mhz GTX 1060 6GB Gigabyte Z-170 Gaming - 5 Mobo I've tried both :/ Thanks for the advice though. I tried the nocd.exe & no luck. However, thank you so much. I appreciate the help.
  11. COD 4 Crash On Startup

    Plug headphones in. Or install CoD4x. If you've done both of those then RIP.
  12. COD 4 Crash On Startup

    Wanna give us some system info and also maybe... try the nocd.exe of cod4 and see if that fixes it... as weird as that sounds.
  13. COD 4 Crash On Startup

    Hi everyone, Literally its been years since I've been on this forum, but I kinda sorta need some help. Everytime I go to start my game, it comes up shortly after trying to run saying "iw3mp.exe has stopped working". What I have tried: Verifying game cache Reinstalling (About 5 times) Tried using ccleaner Used the stereo mix method Compatibility mode Run as administrator Anyone have any ideas of what to try next? Anything would be appreciated, thanks. -Different
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  15. Happy new year

    Bit late but Happy New Year bois
  16. Oof, semi ran a red light and hit @Mr"."Coolgamerr7


  17. What song are you listening to?

    Not many people probably listen to this type of music but I've been digging this song recently.
  18. Membership

  19. Membership

    Good luck
  20. Soap is broke

    This nigga on xbox I'm schleeep
  21. Happy new year

    Happy new year you nubs Make the most out of it and don’t it set in
  22. Membership

    great app, we will look into it with utmost urgency.
  23. Soap is broke

  24. Happy new year

  25. Happy new year

    welcome to 2018 where we disrespect women
  26. Happy new year

    Happy birthday jesus!
  27. Happy new year

    Yappy Hew Near
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